Roleplay - The Invaders Attack:
Written by various players.
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Chapter 9: Unpleasant Acquaintance


Chad fired his gun and soon the Egarans were finished. Chad looked around and smiled, and all seemed at peace. However, he heard a ship's gun, and he turned around. Chad gasped. Taveius was surrounded by Slah'ke ships, one of them Machinehr. Chad's heart sunk as he heard on the intercom:

"Any lasssst wordsssss, Taveiussss?" hissed Machinehr. Taveius stayed proud, in his almighty ship.

"You'll never get away with this, Machinehr." Taveius replied. By now Chad was zooming across the system, racing to try to save Taveius.

"Contraire, Taveiusss, I already have..." And he fired. Taveius' ship was ripped apart by the Dual Gamma Cannon of Machinehr, and he exploded in a blinding flash of light.

"NOOOOOO!" Screamed Chad over the intercom. Machinehr turned to see him coming, and smiled at him. However, Chad fired at Machinehr, knocking his ship back and the grin off his face. Before Chad could fire another shot, Machinehr has made the hyperspace jump.

Chad parked at Brunneran, to come into a huge celebration. Why shouldn't they be celebrating? Two unlikely victories in one day! However, Chad got out gloomily and strolled head down to wherever his feet would lead him. Then John came up to him.

"Well done today Chad, have a pint!" he said, handing Chad a beer. Chad took it but didn't drink it.

"J-John..." Chad stuttered.

"Yes Chad?" said John, now more serious.

"Machinehr got Taveius..." Chad said, the words sinking in.

"What? That is impossible... No... NO!!!" John Howard yelled, stopping the festivities, and everyone stared at him.

"Machinehr and his Slah'ke killed Taveius- every single one of those slimy lizards is now an enemy of the Galaxy!" Much murmuring started. Then, on the screen, appeared a familiar face:

"Nice party, Chad? John?"

"Not now, Dylan!" Chad replied.

"So, you can't take the fact then." said Bob Dylan smugly.

"SHUT UP!!!" Yelled Chad, as he took out his disintegrator and disintegrated the screen.

"John," Chad said aside to the Federation President.

"Yes, Chad?" sighed John.

"How did Dylan know?" Chad asked. John Howard stopped to think.

"We don't know much John, but I think I do know, the Galaxy is at war."

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