Roleplay - The Invaders Attack:
Written by various players.
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Chapter 8: Victory and Defeat


After the destroying Mr Tea with the help of John A. Howard, he looks around him, all the Black Holes and Worldships seem like they were confused, there was no one to command them now and they were flying without knowing what to do. The fleet lead by John A. Howard quickly took advantage of that and started destroying them one by one, after the last one was destroyed everyone was happy and John A. Howard opened his comm. and said to everyone:

- This is time to celebrate, all are invited to Castor where we all will celebrate - said John with a big smile.

Everyone started to enter hyperspace and heading to Castor, last ship to enter hyperspace was the Longsword that was still repairing because of the fight he had with Mr Tea's flagship, as S117 set course to Castor he started thinking that that victory was too easy. As he entered Castor with the rest of the group he soon saw that he was right.

In his radar a massive Egaran Fleet lead by Warlord Kheng was now attacking Castor cleaning the planets and soon they witnessed the fall of the Federation Starbase.

A communication was received in the Longsword it came directly from John A. Howard's flagship.

- All ships to battle, we can still save what is left !!! - John growled with a loud voice.

Every single ship that wasn't Egaran was now shooting every single enemy ship, after some minutes of battle our fleet was completely crippled, S117 then looked to hyperspace and saw the Slah'ke Fleet coming to Castor, he then realised there was still hope.

As the Slah'ke Fleet entered the system an Orfine ship was there to welcome them using communications:

- Welcome Machinehr, thanks for coming to help us, we need it - said the Orfine.

Suddenly out of nowhere, Machinehr's flagship started shooting the Orfine ship, the Orfine still had time to use escape pod that was retrieved by one of our fleet members.

- Would you mind explaining what it is that you think you are doing Machinehr? - asked John with some agitation in his voice.

- Winning! - said Machinehr with a big evil smile.

The Egarans were now fighting the last of the last and the Slah'ke our now moving towards us. As Machinehr moved a Terran entered the system, it was Taveius, the new elected Emperor in his faithful Battle Cruiser Galactica.

- How dare you betray the Galaxy in such a foul way Machinehr!!!! - said Taveius, clearly furious about the actions of the Slah'ke.

- I didn't betray if that's what matters, I was never one your side - Machinehr hissed.

As Machinehr finished, the Mech Warrior now headed in Taveius' direction. The Emperor however didn’t move a muscle. S117 quickly started to eliminate every Egaran in his way to be able to get to his Emperor but it became clear that they were to great in numbers.

- Let’s take this fight somewhere else dirty lizard - said Taveius.

- Sure - answered the Slah'ke Dictator

Both the Terran Emperor and the Slah'ke Dictator hypered and headed to Ceti Alpha. S117 and John A. Howard were still in Castor that with the help of General Chad was cleared in a matter of minutes leaving the Slah'ke Fleet and the Quad Alliance Fleet alone.

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