Roleplay - The Invaders Attack:
Written by various players.
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Chapter 10: War at the Doorstep


Bloodred Death was repaired and Howard recalled every officer and crewman from the shore leave the crew had been granted in order to be able to celebrate.

"Release docking clamps!!", the old voice that had sounded on so many bridges of equally many ships sounded like never before. Nobody dared to intervene with a Plexxan celebration, not when Howard was around.

As the mighty Plexxan Fleets launched again, the Slah'ke forces seemed to be confused by their lack of a leader for them to follow in this battle.

S117 and John seemed to think the same thing as they both gave the same order on the fleet channel: "Those filthy lizards are confused now, lets take them down and worry about Keng and his pathetic excuse for a war fleet later!!" S117 had taken control of the Terran Fleet in the absence of his Emperor to lead them, and General Chad had left his trusted friend Womble in command of the Orfine forces.

The Starbase of Brunneran seemed to spit out endless amounts of warships in only minutes. A massive fleet formed around the Plexxan home planet of Padeen as the first ships opened fire upon the invading Slah'ke.

A massive battle ensued. Union-built ships perished left and right, taking more Allied vessels with them into the fiery pits of hell then the Allies could afford…

Hours on end they fought, Egarans and Slah'ke alike soon found themselves outnumbered and on the verge of defeat.

In the middle of the battle a haunting howl spread over the system wide communications. It was General Chad. Howard was to busy to take any notice of the reason behind the cry for he was fighting half a squadron of Union fighters on his own. He noticed the Longsword setting course for a ship known as "The Red Reaper", the flagship of Warlord Keng, leader of the Egarans.

As the last one of the Union fighters perished by the firing of his Heavy Missile Launcher, Howard ordered to set a course for the Longsword. He wasn't going to take the chance that his good friend might lose this battle.

But the Com-officer spoke up: "Sir, I have a hail coming in from the Longsword!" "On screen!" came the response from the old President.

S117 appeared on the view screen and said: "John, lead the fleet. I will take care of Keng. Don't disagree with me. Keng is mine!" and the Terran captain disappeared from the view screen. "You heard the man, turn around and find a Lizard to teach some manners to!" Howard ordered to his bridge officers.

The Tactical Officer of the Bloodred Death then noticed the Desta Kann pounding upon several unfortunate Kolari and Orfine warships. Bloodred Death manoeuvred through the battle, dodging enemy and friendly fire until she came in range of the Desta Kann and opened fire.

Facing a small squadron of warships, the Desta Kann was doomed, she fired once upon the Bloodred Death before the planetary guns of Occulons pulverized the ship.

"SIR! The Longsword!!!" the young Operations Officer stood behind his console as if he were frozen. All he could manage to do was relaying what he saw on his sensors to the central view screen.

The sight which unfolded into photons and energy shocked the old Plexxan Captain, his legs lost their ability to function and he found himself stumbling backwards, desperately trying to reach for his chair.

On the view screen the mighty Longsword was shown in battle with The Red Reaper. At first sight it looked to John that his old friend was winning. He recognised several of the manoeuvres that the Longsword performed.

Then, the sensor data was projected in the lower left corner of the screen, and Howard's heart fell into a deep state of despair.

S117 was loosing. Keng severely damaged the powerful battle cruiser, and Howard feared for the life of his friend, but could do nothing to help him, he was too far away.

All the sudden, out of nowhere, a flash of light appeared, almost blinding the view upon the battle, and S117's voice sounded with a tone of surprise throughout the system: "What!!?? YOU?? What is going on?? Why are yo......" And both the Longsword and the Red Reaper disappeared in thin air.

"Scan the system! Scan hyperspace!!! I want to know where they went!!!" was the immediate response that came from the Captain of the Bloodred Death. His voice rolled from wall to wall, snapping his bridge officers out of the trance that was educed by what they just had seen.

Moments later the word came: neither the Red Reaper nor the Longsword could be found. As the First Officer reported this disturbing news to his Captain, he saw something he had never seen before in the eyes of the man he had served for so many years. Howard seemed taken completely off guard, he slowly fell back into his chair and whispered: "What's the status of the battle?" The Tactical officer checked his console before answering: "Egarans are retreating and the last Union are pinned down by Terran and Kolari forces near Hoppens Sir.".

The Presidents voice slowly cut through the air on his bridge, softly and fragile as the voice of a broken man: "Take us to Brunneran, request the entire fleet to dock."

As the Captains of the Terran, Orfine and Kolari fleets answered his request with acceptance, the Presidential flagship set course for its home: Brunneran.

Festivities had already started when Howard stepped through the airlock onto the starbase. A young Orfine made his way towards him and said: "Sir, Mr. President, my leader, General Chad requests that you join him as soon as you disembark. He has disturbing news for you." "Alright, bring me to him." was the answer of the old Plexxan. Soon Howard met up with Chad, and asked him what was so important that it had to be discussed right away. "Well John," growled the Orfine, "you might want to sit down before I tell you what it is that is the matter." With that, the President was offered a chair, which he refused. "I think I can handle it my young friend." was his commentary. "Alright, Taveius... he is... no longer with us. He was killed by Machinehr."

For a moment the entire world stood still for the old Plexxan, then his response came: "No, no, not Taveius!!". His voice was so loud that festivities seized, and many people looked around confused, wondering what it was that made Howard raise his voice to such a level.

Howard whispered to his furred friend, his voice trembling of emotion: "Call Marc7005, call Walt, find Viga and get a representative of the Empire to join me in Conference Room B-15-Sigma."

Soon the Conference Room was occupied by the most powerful people in the Galaxy, however if one didn't know better one would have found the sight extremely amusing: a one hundred thirty-five year-old white-haired Plexxan, a Preserver whose age was only to be guessed, a young energetic Orfine, a seemingly ageless Kolari and a Brood who was thought to be older then the Plexxan Federation had existed...

A robotic voice filled the spacious room: "Who is it that we are waiting here for, Howard?" Silence followed, and it seemed that Howard was not really present, so Marc7005 answered instead: "The Terrans still haven't sent a representative..."

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