Roleplay - The Invaders Attack:
Written by various players.
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Chapter 4: Reinforcements


As he travelled in Longsword a member of his crew came to him and said:

- We intercepted a message sir!

- Show me crewman!

- SIR!

As the message appeared on the screen S117 started to smile.

- Scan Ceti Alpha immediately, I want to know what is there now !!

- SIR!

The crew member went to his office and started looking at his pad doing a scan to Ceti Alpha. S117 wondered if his friend was there and if together they would defeat Mr Tea. Some minutes later the crewman came back and showed him his screen pad, after seeing the list, S117 gave the order:

- Set Course to Ceti Alpha, we have a battle to attend to.

The ship started to travel to Ceti Alpha and from there S117 could hear all the mayday messages floating around in all frequencies. As he entered the system a Black Hole welcomed him nicely.

- Shields up!!! We have to thank him for this warm welcome.

Shields became online and as soon as the Black Hole started moving towards him S117 gave the order:

- Shoot him down !!!

Super Heavy Laser was fired from the Longsword and did a straight hit but the Black Hole's shields didn't go down, not even a scratch, all data showed that his shields came down to 98% and S117 was starting to worry.

As the Longsword orbited Jeddah, S117 tried to figure out a way of destroying that Black Hole.

Suddenly he saw a fleet entering Ceti Alpha and it was lead by his friend John A. Howard, Taveius and Chad were also there.

- SIR! Help as.....

- Yes I know soldier, I can see that from my screen. Did you complete all scans on that Black Hole....

- Yes SIR

- Any weak spot?

- I think we found one but we aren't sure.

- Go ahead and tell me....

- They have two or more reactors sir, if we take one down and the ship looses all power and can only use back up two minutes later.

- Send that report to the fleet I want them to know as much as I do.

- SIR !

S117 went back to his seat where he now glanced a pair of Black Holes coming in his direction, luckily they still had to break the shields to be able to kill him. After waiting three long minutes to strike, he got a message, it was from J0E0NE. He was right by his side in his Scarab.

As the Fleet came in the Black Holes quickly turned their attention to them allowing S117 to leave the planet's orbit but he didn't do it.....yet.....

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