Roleplay - The Invaders Attack:
Written by various players.
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Chapter 5: To Try Once More


General Chad arrived at Olfus in an escape pod and jumped out. He looked around the starbase: it was deserted! Chad waited two minutes for a reply from Womble, and it never came. He knew he couldn't just sit there: he hopped into an explorer and set course for Earth, where the Great Terran Hall was. He needed this support.

Chad burst into the Great Hall, to see all the leaders of the Galaxy gazing at John Howard, all with the exception of the sneering Machinehr. Chad had gone for the big entry, but nobody even seemed to notice. Chad realised something was wrong, so he just took a seat in the corner. Then, Marc7005 noticed him.

"Hey Chad, my old friend. How goes it?" Marc asked.

"Not good, Marc." Chad replied. A few heads turned his way.

"The Invader Base has been found in Ceti Alpha: it has a fleet you wouldn't imagine. Plexxans, Matrix and a few Orfine are left, but we are losing badly. We need serious help." Gasped followed what Chad had said: some out of outrage, some out of belief, and some out of disbelief.

"Oh, and I need a new ship. Will you sell me an Invincible, Taveius?" Taveius nodded, and then it happened.

Chad strode down the hall with Taveius, his colleague in times of war. There was a sense of urgency around, and he glanced behind to see the group of leaders following him. Among the group was his close friend Marc7005, and he dropped back to talk to him.

"Pretty quick reaction," Chad commented in a whispering voice.

"I know," replied Marc.

"We already knew: we got your communication. But that isn't the big news."

"What is?" asked Chad.

"Bob Dylan came on the screen, saying he was going to rule the Galaxy." Before Chad could even gasp, Taveius, the most powerful man in the Galaxy, bellowed:

"Chad! I have found you a ship; it's a bit rusty, but it will do." Chad walked over to the Invincible: it had seen better days. But anything was good.

"Thanks, mate." Chad said, shaking the Emperor's hand.

All around him, the greatest pilots in the galaxy were hopping into ships: some old, some not so old, but all powerful. Chad glanced across, to see his Commander-in-Chief, Womble, giving him a wave in his powerful Grimtooth. Chad heard on his communicator from his Leader:

"The Orfine Fleets are on there way to Ceti Alpha. I heard you got our Cloaking Pack destroyed."

The way Womble said this enticed Chad to chuckle, but not this time. He just grimaced and replied:

"It was worth it." And they were off.

Led by Plexxan President John A. Howard (with undeniable distaste from Machinehr), the fleet of ships headed towards Ceti Alpha. Even from thousands, maybe millions of kilometres away, the carnage could be heard. The less experienced members of the fleet were sweating. People like Marc appeared to be enjoying it.

As they entered Ceti Alpha, everybody, including Howard and Taveius gasped. Never had such a massacring been seen: against the Invader Fleet, the allies were few and far between. Invader Ships were everywhere: and they always seemed to be right in front of piles of debris; ship debris. The Allies were losing.

Most Allies were retreating: not many had the bravery to stand up against such an armada. Blasts were everywhere. The light was blinding. Then, Chad spoke, over the System communicator, in a very deep and powerful voice:


And all was still...

The Invaders then turned towards the fleet, and sped towards them. Although the Allies had many fearsome fighters, the Invaders had the power of Rank 5 ships. The two forces sped towards each other, ready to clash. Then Chad remembered something, and he felt so stupid for not mentioning it sooner:

"GUYS!!!" he yelled on the wing communicator.

"Mr Tea is here in the Invader Flagship!!!" He knew this was big news.

The fleet continued towards the Invaders, but unease was around: Mr Tea, who was thought to have been finished off years ago, was alive!

"Are you sure?" John Howard said in a private communication to Chad, only a few seconds before the Invaders were upon them.

"Yes, John. This isn't good." Was Chad's reply.

The battle was set to be big: the best ships in the Universe about to clash.

BANG! The Allies struck first, concentrating fire on the front Invader ships. The formation of the Invaders wasn't very good, so a few ships were ahead of the bunch. Although outgunned, the hardened Allies stayed in line and after seven synchronised salvos, the Allies had destroyed a small bunch of ships. However, in the distance, reinforcements could be seen. The Invaders decided to retreat, and join with the others.

"Don't let them get away!" yelled Marc.

"Those ships are slow. Chad, Taveius, Jasvecht, take the left flank. Draw them towards me and the others. Marc, take your guards and cover the rear!" said John meticulously, in his powerful voice.

The Allies set about the plan, and it appeared to be working. John was right: the Invaders didn't possess the same speed the Allies had, and his idea had them breaking apart. Chad fired the Super Heavy Laser on his ship, and with some help, had destroyed another Invader Ship. Just when it looked like victory was near, a huge beam roared past Chad's ship. It blasted into Jasvecht, and the ship totally disintegrated. Chad looked up, and his heart sunk. It was Mr Tea, coming through the middle of the battle, and he didn't look happy.

"RETREAT!!! IT'S MR TEA!!! RETREAT!!!" Someone yelled. Panic seemed to engulf the system, and everybody tried to make the jump. It didn't work!!! They were stuck!!! Most Allies turned around.

"HEEEEELLL-!!!" yelled Machinehr, but his ship soon was no more. Mr Tea fired again and again: he could keep up with the Allies. All the Allies were dying: the few who fought were killed. The majority ran, and were being shot at will. Chad himself flew over Mr Tea's ship and fired, but it returned fire and hit Chad's tail. Chad tried to get out of range, get to repairs, but his engine was damaged. He fired a few more, but he was in trouble. A huge cackling voice echoed around the system. Then, something caught Mr Tea's attention. Floating right in front of him lay the defiant John Howard.

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