Roleplay - The Invaders Attack:
Written by various players.
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Chapter 3: Defeat


BOOM! The Invader Ships were incredible! Chad fought on in his scarab, but most of the Orfine Cloakers had either ran or been destroyed. Chad desperately dodged another shot, when: BANG!!! The Invaders had breached his shield and were now pounding at his hull. Chad gasped, and using his battle knowledge tried to get back on top of things. He went for the cloak, but it was out. The Allies were helping him as best they could: the Federation were fighting bravely, and even a few Preservers had come to his aid, but he was dying, and fast. He needed backup!

He needed to send an Emergency message, but he did not know who. Being the loyal Orfine Vice-Leader, the only code that came to his mind was that of his leader, Womble. As another blast hit his scarab's hull, sending lights flashing, he sent a message to Womble, vaguely remembering him being at some sort of conference.

"MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY! THIS IS CHAD- I AM ABOUT TO DIE. THE INVADERS ARE AT CETI ALPHA. HE-" And he saw something he will never forget. As the cloakers pulled back, something came out from space. Chad's heart plummeted. He had heard stories about this ship, but never actually seen it. Although, thinking laterally, as he always did. He jumped into his escape pod, while the Invaders had pulled back. Fear seemed to engulf the system. He heard a blast behind him, and glanced back to see floating rubble where his ship used to be. With a gulp, he calmly finished his message to Womble:

"I'm returning to Olfus in my escape pod: but don't get excited. Mr Tea lives."

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