Roleplay - The Invaders Attack:
Written by various players.
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Chapter 6: Destroy Thy Enemy


S117 looked into his screen, every ship of the fleet were retreating, and one by one were being destroyed by Mr Tea. Suddenly he saw John A. Howard's ship facing Mr Tea flagship and then started thinking to himself: No one can survive a shot made Mr Tea, what John is doing is madness, the hypergate on this planet still works and they are both in the jump point. S117 started to smile.

- Ready up for hyper jump, let’s use this hypergate now !!!

Using the hypergate, Longsword jumps in to hyper.

- Enter Ceti Alpha now !!! - yelled S117.

- Yes sir !!! - said the crew.

Now Longsword was entering the system and as he entered he saw Mr Tea's flagship at twenty million kilometres.

- Are weapons ready? - asked S117.

- Yes sir !!! - said the weapons officer.

- Fire all weapons against that flagship now !!

All the weapons on the Longsword fired and this time they did some damage, one of the three shields on the flagship went down and now John had a clean shot on Mr Tea. Mr Tea now turned and faced the Longsword.

- Sir, that flagship is sending us a message - said the communications officer.

- Show it on the screen - replied S117.

Mr Tea appeared on the screen he was mad and he wanted revenge.

- How dare you to attack me !!!! You'll suffer my wrath !!!! - screamed Mr Tea.

- Oh Sorry, but how can you make me suffer if you don't have a ship.

As soon as S117 finished that last word the Longsword and the Bloodred Death's weapons all fired at the same time, the two shields of Mr Tea's flagship were both gone and the Longswords Distortion Cannon hit Mr Tea's flagship reactor, leaving Mr Tea floating with no system active. A message from John A. Howard came in.

*You do the last shot*

And so S117 did as he shot his SuperHeavy Laser and destroyed Mr Tea's flagship.

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