Roleplay - The Invaders Attack:
Written by various players.
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Chapter 12: Prey


Chad waited anxiously in the room, looking round at the leaders. Many familiar faces, but Chad wasn't in the mood to talk. Taveius had been a good friend, who helped Chad grow up to become the Orfine he had- Chad and him had fought side by side for years, and now, he was gone...

Then something occurred to Chad. He remembered Mr Tea had killed Machinehr, shot his ship. Chad thought back. The scum of a lizard's ship had disappeared, but left no rubble... It hadn't occurred to Chad how strange it was at the time. Chad felt angry for not realising something was wrong. The evil Union Overlord had been planning this with the Invaders the whole time! Coincidence could now be blamed for nothing...

Then, Greeny entered the room. The usual man was young, happy, yet somehow wise at the same time. Today, was different however. He looked solemn, angry and slightly distressed. John and Chad rose from their respective seats together: the others followed.

"Hello Greeny, nice to see you. I assume you are the representative of the Terrans?" Chad asked. Greeny replied warily:

"Indeed Chad."

The meeting had been going for a few hours now, and much was said. All the leaders had different ideas, different views. Viga thought maybe they should try to make peace, Marc wanted to bargain with them, Walt wanted a full scale war. However, Chad sat there, contributing, but making no ideas himself. Then he said:

"We will go after Machinehr. Hunt him down, and blockade Saurion. Once we have knocked the Union out, we should launch a full-scale assault on the Invaders' base in Ceti Alpha." John said in a deep voice:

"I agree with Chad." The others too agreed, and they soon made messages and plans to track down Machinehr's fleet, and they prepared their support ships for the blockade. They never could have expected how much fighting was ahead.

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