Roleplay - The Invaders Attack:
Written by various players.
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Chapter 13: Debate and Decisions


After a long wait, a Terran Councillor entered the Conference room. Young Greeny peered into the spacious room, and with a small voice he said: "Excuse me, is this the right Conference room?".

The Race leaders looked at the young Terran in disbelief. Was this kid going to represent the Terran Empire in these talks? The silence was broken by the friendly voice of Chad: "I assume you are representing the Terran Empire? Please, take a seat Greeny."

Greeny sat down and Howard rose to take the word. "Thank you for coming all. I know all are fully aware of the current situation." With the characteristic growl in his voice he continued: "I believe it is safe to assume that Machine is not acting on his own. The Hive have been remarkably silent during this entire episode, does anyone know their standing on all of this?"

"Knowing the Hive Council, I do believe…", all turned to Viga, who casually sat in his chair almost directly across the table from the Federation President, "that the Hive will not come to our aid once we embark upon the path of war against the Slah'ke. My Intelligence Services have proven to me that Hive is most likely in league with Machinehr."

"Why would the Hive do that? They have been at war with the Union more times then I can count." Growled a surprised Chad.

"I do not know that" answered Viga.

"But I do." For all this time, Walt had been silent and had sat in his chair observing his allies. Now the old Brood leader spoke: "The Hive is forced to side with the Slah'ke by Machinehr. Hive Council is more in favour of neutrality, for they fear to lose what little they have if they join in this war, but Machinehr has most likely threatened to take their Empire if they did not side with him." Silence followed, on all the faces in the Conference room one could read deep thoughts being thought, alternatives considered, and decisions being made.

The first to speak was Howard: "This does sound remarkably like the actions of Machinehr. I suggest we consider the Hive an enemy until their neutrality or alliance to us is proven and confirmed." All agreed to that.

Chad was the next to take the word, he rose and Howard gave a little nod before the General took the word.

"How should we take on the Union, they have formidable fighters, not to mention a huge strategic advantage. After all, they are already mobilized and we still have to start."

Marc answered with his synthetically created voice, which he needed to communicate with those that didn't possess enough knowledge of the Kolari language to understand what it was that he would be saying. "They may have an advantage Chad, but they do not have the numbers, unless Machinehr calls upon Bob for assistance. We all know now that he is in league with the Invaders, which will be a problem and is an advantage to them. But I believe we have superior numbers, and they also lack one thing that we have." Almost unseen by anyone else Marc gave a quick look to Howard while speaking those last words.

"What advantage?" asked all as one.

A dramatic silence followed, and after a minute that seemed to last for an eternity, Howard stood up and his voice made the ornaments on the table tremble: "Me."

"YOU?" Greeny's voice filled the conference room. "By the Emperors Crown! With all due respect Howard, but how can you be our greatest advantage?"

Some mumbling followed with some remarks addressing the unknowing of the younger generations, more specifically the Terran youth.

"How can it be that I am your greatest asset?" replied the President with some irritation in his voice, while Chad eyed Greeny in disbelief, his eyes asking "How in the world could you question the use of someone like John??!!".

Howard slowly rose from his seat, towering over the young Terran, and started to walk across the room, using a walking cane that nobody had noticed yet. Walt noticed that the old Plexxan was limping with his left leg, something that Walt had seen only a few times in his long life before…

"To start with," the voice of the legendary Plexxan filled the room. "I know the Union better then most, my experience with Machinehr is only equal to Marc's. Second of all, I am the only person in this entire galaxy that ever fought Dylan not only with an entire fleet but also hand to hand, and survived it. I know that Invader better then anyone else here. There is nobody that can do this job better then I can."

The ferocity of Howards words made the young Terran visibly tremble in fear.

"Ok ok, mister President, I get the point. You are our best man. Tell us, what is the plan?"

"The plan? I will tell you the plan." Howard turned around facing the conference table with a projection of the galaxy on the wall behind his back. The projection had all the borders of the Empires marked.

"I want you to do the following. Knowing all your personal strengths and weaknesses, this is what you will be doing." Howard's voice filled the Conference room, all were captured by the thundering voice of the Plexxan. He continued: "Viga, the last attack pretty much devastated your fleets didn't it?" The Preserver nodded in agreement, somewhat embarrassed at the memory of the minimal effort it took for the Invaders to almost break the resistance of the otherwise so resilient and powerful Matrix. "Well, you will have to use this preparation time to rebuild your fleets and perfect them."

"Greeny…" Howard turned a few degrees and faced the young Terran, and in doing so made it clear that his leg wasn't functioning like it should. His movements were slow, and his body lacked the agility it usually had. "Terrans need to have someone in charge during this endeavour. I suggest you go back to your Council and decide on who leads the Empire, and you ready your fleets as well. Marc will be organising and coordinating the whole combined fleet and missions, for one reason, and one reason only…" His words clearly upset Greeny, and Howard raised his hand indicating no discussion was possible, and that he would explain his choice. "I know Marc well enough to know that he is the best man for that job. I know he can do this better then anyone else." A small bow from the Kolari confirmed his acceptance to the task.

"Walt, I want you to ready that formidable war machine you have hidden away in Tau Cyngi my old friend. Make sure they are ready." "Then there is the issue of avenging Taveius' his death. Machinehr expects the Terrans to do so, but they will not. The Terran Empire will destroy the Union, but not avenge the death of its Emperor. That task is there for the most creative of all hunters in this galaxy: the Orfine." At hearing this Chads face lit up in pride. Howard slowly made his way to his chair and stood behind it. "The Federation will be commanded by StarRaider. Marc, I will send him to you so you can inform him of the tasks for the Federation. Everyone answers to Marc on this endeavour. And before you ask, no. I will not take part in the attacks on the Union and their Allies."

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