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You can also find out about future development plans and you should soon be able to post your own ideas.


Latest Updates:

Corrections and Updates - 19/04/07  17:00
The last few days much has been updated and several minor mistakes have been corrected, thanks to the reportings of several players. Our warm thanks to you all! The following has been added or revised:

-The Galaxy Guide is now complete with the addition of the sector guide.

- Several Roleplays have been updated, and The Empire Strikes Out now can be downloaded in a pdf-file as well, just like the other hosted Roleplays.

- All downloadable Roleplays are now printable as well. This had always been our intention but thanks to a minor coding glitch by yours truely, that has only now become reality. My personal apologies to all the (potential) readers. Download your favourite Roleplay here .

- Small errors and missing information had been reported by among others Omar 9999 and Leader of Darkness. These have now been corrected.

Enjoy, John A. Howard


Help Site Forum - 25/03/07  21:09
Announcing the launch of the new Interstellar Help Site Forum. The forum has been added to make the help site a more pleasant experiance and so that users can find out information more easily. When you visit the forum here please register to gain access to our full range of boards.

Enjoy, Napster


New Information added - 20/03/07 12:00
We have added information about the Government Systems, the Experience Levels and the Command Ranks. However, there are still a few gaps in the information. If you come across the information that is missing here, don't hesitate to send us an e-mail at: iswhelp@iswhelpstie.com.

Enjoy, John A. Howard

Roleplay's online - 14/03/07 13:55
As of today the Help Site is proud to host the finest of Roleplay stories created by the players of Interstallar War: Fleet Battles. You will be able to read the stories online, Chapter by Chapter, or download them so you can print the story and read it in your lazy chair.
Currently you can enjoy the following stories:
- "The Empire Strikes Out" by Greeny
- "Slah'ke: Our War Part 1" - by Adeptprophet
- "The Pirates Revenge" - by Greeny
You can request the hosting of an Interstellar War-Roleplay, or request the downloadable version in a different format. Send an e-mail to John A. Howard.

Enjoy the read, John A. Howard


New Additions - 08/03/07  15:59
In addition to the fixing of a few minor errors, we are proud to announce that as of today you will be able to download helpful Tools from our site. For the time being this is only a Star Map (Many thanks to the hard work of S117) and a Piloting Guide. Suggestions, requests and idea's are as always welcome. You can contact the Development Staff by e-mail: [email protected], or by sending them a personal e-mail.


Downtime Expected - 20/02/07  15:56

The Help Site is expecting some downtime over the next week. We are unsure of when this will be and how long it will last for. This is due to the network our server is on changing ISP. This is however a good thing because once we have changed over the Help Site will be on a connection substantially faster than what it was before.
Enjoy, Napster


Maintenance - 11/02/07  22:22
The planned maintenance has gone ahead as planned and was a success. The server is now faster than before so we hope you will see a difference in the performance of the site. Parts of the site did experience a brief downtime due to services such as PHP being reinstalled but everything appears to be running smoothly now.
Thank you, Napster


Planned Maintenance - 06/02/07  19:18
Maintenance for the site and server have been planned for this Saturday. We are currently unsure of the exact times but the maintenance should take approximately 4-8 hours. During this time the site will be running intermittently on the machine of one of our development staff.
If you have anymore queries please contact the development staff on [email protected].


System Guide - 05/02/07  18:58
The system guide has been loaded onto the website now, look at it in the Information/Help Page. There are some aesthetical errors, but we are working on them.


Even More Updates - 27/01/07  18:43
The Items page is now online. To look at it please go to the Information/Help Page.


More Updates - 26/01.07  23:08
The buildings page has now been put online.


Updates - 25/01/07  21:34
We have added a-lot of updates to the site. The Minerals page is now online. The ships pages have been updated as has the faction overview pages.

Homepage reorganised - 25/01/07  17:26
We have moved the home page around so you do not have to scroll so far down the page to read the site news.


The Admins - 25/01/07  17:24
"The Admins" page has been moved from the homepage to aid us in redesigning the home page, we felt that it was taking up too much empty space on the homepage where would could place news instead.


Abuse - 15/11/06  09:14
We have received reports that people have been posting on the polls using other players nickname and making abusive comments. Let me just remind you that this type of behaviour is completely unacceptable. This helpsite was set up to help players and to provide some fun to the community, not to be abused. I would like to tell the offenders they will not get away with this. The development team are already searching for them and serious action will be taken if this string of abuse continues.
I would like to apologise to the players who obey they rules and have been posting properly and in a good nature.
If you have had an abusive comment posted about you please report it so it can be removed.