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Welcome to the Interstellar War Help Site. All the information you should ever need in your time playing Interstellar War should available on this help site. If you come across something you want to know which you cannot find email the development team on [email protected] and we will add it to the site as soon as possible. If you have never heard of Interstellar War and found this help site by mistake you can visit the game Here.


Subjektiv, long time Interstellar War player has come up with a way to make the image pack work on FireFox! Read how here.
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New Host and Future Plans:

Welcome back to the Interstellar War Help Site at our new host. The development have chosen a domain name which we think you will find nice and easy to remember. This new host is much faster so if you wish to download anything it should be much much quicker.
Furthermore we have a number of plans for the site. The first one is a ship comparison page, you will have two drop down menus from which you will select the race, then another drop down menu will appear allowing you to select a ship, once you have both ships on the page you can see the comparison between the two. This means you will not have to switch pages and write things down to compare ships.
If you wish to see anything on the help site which you think could benefit players email our public account on [email protected].

Also keep a lookout for a post from myself as I am currently working on a secret project, more information will be revealed as I get closer to completing it.

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Donations received - 07 Apr 2007 09:55

A number of generous donations have been received - sufficient to keep the server online for another two months! I'd like to thank the people who have donated publically, but will respect their privacy.
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