Roleplay - The Invaders Attack:
Written by various players.
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Chapter 30: The Calm Before The Storm


Trekking along the jagged rocky outcrops of Drammal towards the Union base Chad stopped about one kilometre from their destination and gave the squad their final orders. He split the twelve strong attack forces into two groups. The first of which contained eight Orfines carrying heavy and long ranged weapons, namely four heavy Mass Drivers on tripods, two Mag-rail sniper rifles a fast Repeating Rail Gun and one Terran tactical Fusion Mortar placed under the command of a lean sinewy Orfine by the name of Captain Tux.

Chad disapproved of the Terran obsession with nuclear weapons; they were too dirty and indiscriminate for his tastes. But on this occasion the sheer power of the small nukes were needed and these Fusion Shells were fairly clean, the two or three needed to breach the light shielding and walls of the facility shouldn't create noticeable radiation considering the heavy armour they were all wearing.

The other team headed up by Chad were carrying lighter weapons designed for corridor to corridor fighting. Once the primary team started the assault Chad and the three Orfine with him plan on scaling the walls at the other side and entering the base that way.

Chad had just about finished giving the orders to his troops when he received a transmission from the pilot of the Photon that had brought them down here.

"Sir Leader of Darkness is requesting to speak to you, should I patch him through?"

"Go ahead" Chad heard the subtle change in background noise suggesting that he was now talking directly to the brood and not his pilot.

"And where the hell are you Genus?!" Chad demanded. "Didn't I tell you to land and meet us at these co-ordinates?"

"My sincere apologies lord Chad" the Brood replied with no hint of being intimidated or flustered by Chad's outburst: "I was simply so awed at the subtlety of your approach that I totally forgot about it."

Chad could feel his nose drying up again as the Brood continued:

"I am however roughly twenty metres above your head now, and I was wondering what it is you would like me to do in helping you?"

Chad was slightly gob smacked at the thought of a fifty tonne ship floating above him without him noticing but managed to carry on without tripping over his words

"Co-ordinate with the pilot who patched you through to me, as soon as my team begins its assault on the eastern wall of the compound I want you and him to begin harrying runs on that wall until you receive a signal to stop from Tux"

"That shouldn't be a problem; I'll have your pilot relay my frequency to him, Leader of Darkness out"

After turning off his com piece Chad turned to the other eleven Orfine crouched in a rough semi-circle under a particularly large outcrop of the blue rock that dominated the surface of this planet.

"Ok hounds, you all know the plan. Tux, begin the assault in exactly two hours from.... now. Good luck everyone, may Varak's spirit watch over and I'll see you all inside that compound."

With that the squad split up and moved out.

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