Roleplay - The Invaders Attack:
Written by various players.
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Chapter 29: Simple and Clean


"Sir we have arrived to Megrez" - said the Navigation Officer.

"What's the status of the system, anything left?" - S117 asked.

"Not really, just some of them is trying to communicate with the Orfine fleet and his asking why they are with them" - the Officer said.

"Did Womble answer already?" - S117 asked.

"Yes Sir!" - the Officer answered.

"Ok, thanks for informing me, I'll be arriving to the bridge soon." - S117 said turning communications off.

The Longsword and the Dagon fleet were making their way to Megrez Command which seemed to be Offline due to heavy damage, the Rifts tried to stop them but the Dagons were fast and deadly and took them out without getting killed. The Orfine fleet remained at the entrance, in hyperspace, some Hive were making their way to Megrez and were surely after the Orfines. S117 that had already arrived to the bridge quickly ordered that the Dagons should go help the Orfines and so they did, the Hive fleet were only ten Scarabs and they were easily destroyed, though there were some Dagon causalities.

"Open a channel with the main ship on the Orfine fleet please" - asked S117.

"What does my little human friend want?" - Womble asked

"Well we are here, have anything to do before we go?"

"Sure I do" - said Womble pointing to a Fortress making his way to Megrez Command.

"I'll watch it then"

The Fortress was slow but thanks to some upgrade made by the Dagon scientists the ship was moving a little faster, the bombs though were still the same so it would take some time for the base to go down, but thanks to the Slah'ke, the base was nearly down and three or four shots at it would finish the job, and so they did, took five shots but it still went down.

"Ok people get ready to hyper, this time we follow the Orfines, charge the guns though, I'm tired of those fleabags".

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