Roleplay - The Invaders Attack:
Written by various players.
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Chapter 24: Trip to the Past (Special Valentine's Day)


Many years ago..

In one of Mars Large Domes, big gardens could finally grow with modified environment , Terrans were very busy as usual but something was happening, it was February 14th, what they called Valentine's Day; Terrans were very nervous and some could be seen running around to the shops to buy gifts.

In one of the central gardens there was a big fountain but unlike any other fountains this one didn't have water, instead it was lava, Terrans were strangely fascinated by it and liked it, besides, due to the planet's temperature water didn't stay there for a long time. S117 was there near one of the old trees but suddenly another Terran arrived, it was Taveius, he gave him a letter and after some big conversation S117 left running to the Diplomatic Palace but before that happened, the words "Take care of her" could be heard.

Diplomatic Palaces could be found in the inner and outer colonies of the Terran Empire, they were used to communicate with the Imperial Palace in Sol very fast, and it was one of the few only things Terrans made that had worked for years without malfunctioning.

S117 was already inside the docking bays, preparing to enter the Longsword as he started reading the letter:

"Greetings S117,

We have information that the Brood are preparing to launch an attack on Sol, they have a fleet of hundreds of Insidious with some Scarabs supporting them, I guess we can take them out near Earth but I want you here just in case, Taveius will be assigned for the security of Mars so don't worry, he will do a good job.



This message was worrying, yes Brood could take a planet like Mars or Jupiter but Earth? It was the closest planet to Utopia who made it almost impossible to take.

"Officer set course to Earth, let's meet with Aragon's fleet"

"Yes Sir!"

S117 looked at hyper with his ship scanners, the Brood fleet was already half way from Sol so S117 had to hurry or he wouldn't get there in time.

"Sir we are getting an anomaly in space around Mars" - The Ops Officer said

"Hyperspace?" - S117 asked

"No Sir, Cloakers, I estimate 10 of them Sir!" - The officer answered.

"Damn they are going to attack Mars, contact Aragon, and tell him I'm not going to join him!" - S117 ordered the young officer.


"Just do as I say or get removed from the bridge!"

The Longsword now near Pallas was returning to Mars and S117 knew he had to go very fast or he wouldn't get there in time.

"Incoming transmission, Sir!"

"S117 I don't know what you are doing and I don't care, get here or be outlawed!!" - Aragon said.

"Outlaw me if you see the need but I won't be heading there". - S117 answered.

And with a last *sigh* Aragon closed the channel, it was clear that the young Chancellor wasn't happy but S117 knew he could talk his way out of this one like he did in past times.

"Sir…….." - started the gunner saying

"What!?!" - S117 asked

"They are there………they entered Sol and they are right on top of the main domes Sir, above the Diplomatic Palace" - he ended

S117 looked at the main screen, it was true, the fleet of Insidious was right on top of Mars Diplomatic Palace, using the small screens on his left he took a look at the Terran Fleet in Earth, they weren't moving, S117 started thinking…..weren't they going to help them .

"Another transmission Sir, this time from Galactica" - the Nav-officer informed.

"S117 they broke through our shields, the Scarabs aren't letting us even shoot a salvo at those Insidious!!"

"Aren't our orbital guns shooting them??"

"No, they destroyed all of our orbital reactors, everything we have is offline and the main fleet is at Earth *static* "

The channel went silence, S117 stared at the Communications Officer waiting for the report, hoping that he said it was his own ship's communication equipment malfunctioning.

"Sir, the Galactica was destroyed and Diplomatic Palace with it…." - the officer paused "The Brood are preparing to hyper Sir!"

"Move to where the Diplomatic Palace was, I want to see how much damage Mars took" - S117 ordered.

As the Longsword arrived to Mars, a Scout ship left her launch bays, the ship was headed to the Diplomatic Palace old location, where the private rooms were located, S117 didn't want to know the damage the planet took, he was looking for a survivor in particular, the ship landed on the surface and S117 still hoping to find someone ran over and over again screaming and asking for survivors, no one came, he looked up and saw the red clouds and knew this was the day he would remember forever.

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