Roleplay - The Invaders Attack:
Written by various players.
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Chapter 2: Announcements and Revelations


As the Second Inauguration of Emperor Taveius of the Terran Empire had started, the old Plexxan President slowly walked towards the Great Hall of Terra after landing his Presidential Yacht that had carried him from the Plexxan Mothership in orbit of Earth.

By his side there were several Plexxan soldiers, assigned to guard their leader. As Howard entered the Great Hall he noticed the huge tables standing in the length of the building.

Terran Council was seated on the end of the Great Hall. Ironically Taveius had decided that several Races present at the ceremony would be seated opposite of each other.

The Announcer noticed the President approaching the Great Hall, and announced him in an appropriate manner: "Hear hear!! On behalf of the Federation of the Plexxan People, stretching from Castor to Megrez, now entering the Great Hall of Terra is Captain John A. Howard, President of the Plexxan People, Leader of the Federation Grand Council!!!!"

Howard made his way to the table at the end, towards Taveius. "Taveius!!" sounded his thundering voice through the gigantic Great Hall. The sound of his voice resonated from wall to wall, waking up some of the elderly Councillors.

"Taveius, old friend! May I congratulate you on behalf of the Plexxan Federation on your re-ascension?" "You may good friend; you may" was the response from the smiling Emperor-to-be.

"Congratulations then!" As Howard came closer to Taveius he bent forward and whispered: "You should have never left that Thrown my friend" and he made his way to the designated seating for the Federation delegation.

Next to enter was Machinehr, Overlord of the Union. The Announcer struggled with the Slah'ke names but managed. An old Slah'ke entered the Hall, dressed in a green with gold cape, crown on top of his scaly head, and his slitted eyes filled with disgust at the sight of the interior of the Great Hall.

"Taveius" the sound of the Overlords voice was hissing, soft and cold. "Terran foolishness knows no end I see." With that he made his way to his designated seating. In his path a ten-piece entourage followed consisting of soldiers and mostly slaves to carry several artefacts.

Howard slowly sat down in his chair, making sure that his Plexxan Battleswords were not obstructed by the chair itself and looked up. The bright light in the Hall made his silver beard shine even more then normal and his eyes narrowed for the sight in front of him. Machinehr was sitting directly opposite to him, eying him with disgust and hatred, as always.

Slowly but surely Leaders of all Races arrived, Marc7005 on behalf of the Kolari Star Empire, the young Womble represented the Orfine Alliance, the Hive had sent one of their senior Councillors: Jasvecht. The last one to enter was Walt. A former Pirate, his body crippled by old age and disease, he slowly managed to make way to his appointed seat without saying a word.

The only one missing was Viga. The old Leader of the Matrix had not responded to the invitation to the ceremony. This had made tensions between the Matrix and the Empire skyrocket.

During the Ceremony Howard had a chance to speak with his good friend Marc7005 outside of the usual political talks they had. It was well-known that Howard was one of very few in the galaxy that was fluent in the Kolari language, which made the conversation pleasantly private.

At a certain point the President overheard a remark made by Machinehr, made at his address. Turning his head towards the Overlord, the old Plexxan suddenly to the surprise of all present spoke in a language nobody understood, nobody but the old Overlord. For a few minutes the both of them spoke without anyone understanding a thing. Out of nowhere Machinehr jumped up, breathing heavily, his eyes sprouting fire and drew his sword. Howard didn’t move a muscle on the other hand.

Right then and there, the old Slah’ke threw a throwing knife at the President, who sat calmly in his chair. The knife hit a force field that was placed around all tables, for security reasons.

Taveius rose from his thrown and was about to ask for an explanation when the enormous view screen behind him suddenly activated itself. Peering into the Great Hall was a disgusting creature, more disgusting then a Brood could ever be.

Womble, the Leader of the Orfine, young and inexperienced, clearly struggled to hide his fear, while Marc7005 was just plain astonished by what he saw.

Howard slowly stood up, drawing everyone’s attention towards him, and he spoke: "Dylan!! I see you found another party to crash! What in the name of all that is holy are you doing here? How dare you show your ugly face in my presence!!!" His thundering voice carried through the entire Hall, with an almost deafening volume.

Those that had recognised Bob Dylan on the view screen, knew very well that nobody had ever called him "Dylan". The boldest of all called him by his first name, but that was as far as anyone dared to stretch that line.

Howard stood there, as it seemed all alone on the top. He seemed to rise above everyone else, confidence in his posture, hatred and mockery in his voice. His eyes told a story, an old and ancient story. Bob and Howard had met before, and it hadn’t been pleasant.

In the meantime the old Invader had begun his usual evil laughter, which resonated through the ears of all. "You old Plexxan fool! I see you still breathe up to this day. But your last days have come Howard! Your beard has grown long enough; it is time for you to find your end here and now! As you all will, for this Galaxy will be MINE!!!!".

Taveius was about to unleash his anger upon the view screen, when the Invaders image disappeared from it.

The Hive delegates left right away, horrified by what they had heard. All others stood there, eying the aged silver haired Plexxan in complete and utter disbelief.

Then Howard, and all other leaders got a communiqué on their communicators: Ceti Alpha was under attack!!!

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