Roleplay - The Invaders Attack:
Written by various players.
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Chapter 19: Identity


"Entering the gravity well of Aldebaran." The Longswords screens showed.

- "Sir, scanners show a Paladin in range!! Bloodred Death is what its identification tag shows !!" said the Intelligence Officer

- "Weapons are charged sir and shields are online, want me to kill it?" - The Gunner asked

- "No, let's just leave nothing important in this system, charge the hyperdrive and jump!!" - S117 ordered "Intel Officer I want to talk to private follow me" he added.

S117 went trough the various corridors and stairs of the old ship until he get to the briefing room, the officer that was following him looked a little nervous but S117 didn't care, he had his mind somewhere else.

- "Sit please, this will be fast don't worry" he said

As the Intel-officer sat down, S117 did the same and started:

- "As you know, I suffered an accident during battle, my memory was shortly recovered and Witchfinder told me what he thought was enough, but I still have questions, what happened? why were the Terrans shooting me? Why am I so different from you guys?" he asked

- "Sir, those are a lot of questions and I can answer them all but please promise me one thing Sir" - the officer said.

- "Whatever it is you have my word soldier"

- "Promise you wont leave us.....promise you wont leave Dagons...."

- "I already said yes now please tell me what you know"

- "First sir, you weren't fighting the Terrans or being shot by them, you were fighting Warlord were transported here and your mind was cleaned and so Witchfinder made you our leader because we didn't have one, that's basically why you are here"

- "So you telling me I'm not a Dagon?"

- "Yes sir......"

- "What am I then?"

- "You are a Terran"

S117 looked surprised but he felt like he knew it all along, it was a strange feeling.

- "Thank you for telling me this, I owe you one" - S117 said with a smile.

- "Sir, are you going to leave us?"

- "I gave my word I wouldn't, don't worry and go back to your station, I'll be in my room"

S117 still in the metal chair started thinking, he had not many options but he did have them, the question is would he use them.

- "Sir we have entered Hyperspace, where should we go now?" - The Nav-officer asked.

- "Set course to Arcturus now!!!" - S117 ordered "And please don't bother me I'm going to sleep a little" he added.

- "John, lead the fleet. I will take care of Keng. Don't disagree with me. Keng is mine!" he said

Something wasn't right and S117 could feel it but he knew he would win one way or another.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"What!!?? YOU?? What is going on?? Why are yo......"

S117 woke up with the Nav-Officer in the Communications.

- "Sir we entered Arcturus and we have an Orfine fleet incoming !"

- "Who's leading their fleet? Find out now!!" S117 quickly ordered.

- "Womble is leading that fleet sir!" - The Nav-Officer quickly answered

- "Send a Peace Signal to that ship before they come in range!! Tell all ships to go to battle positions!!!" - S117 replied

- "The Orfine fleet stopped and are holding position just at a hundred Mkm of our fleet sir!" - The Intel Officer replied.

- "Open communication frequencies to the ship that is leading them, I want to talk to Womble" - S117 ordered

- "Communications Open Sir" - Comm Officer said

- "So who am I talking to? Why isn't this in video conference mode?" - Womble asked

- "First no one and second I don't want to be seen" - S117 answered

- "Why you having a bad day Dagon? Or are you that ugly you are afraid I start to shoot at you?" - Womble said laughing

- "None my dear dog, I'm sending a conference ship to the middle of this battle field, I'll be there if you want to see me go there because I need to talk to you" - S117 finished

The conference ship was an old ship used in peace talks, no one used it since every war stopped and peace ruled in galaxy.

As the conference ship approached the middle of the battlefield an Orfine scout intercepted it and docked. The young Orfine stood tall. Despite of his canine appearance, he was without doubt handsome. His thick grey streaked black fur coat was shining in the lighting of the corridor. His eyes looked around, searching for possible fighters. This might be a trap.

Slowly but surely he convinced himself the corridor was safe, and he walked towards the person standing ahead of him, snarling. Negotiations were not something he was in the mood for. His scarred face was clear to see in the light.

Right over his left eye there was a long scar, an old scar from a battle many years ago. His greyish fur seemed to stand up. He was clearly angry, or at the very least agitated.

Strapped to his hips there were a set of Orfine Battle Claws, and on his shoulders, there were the generators for the Impact Armour, which would generate a strong shield around the strong built Orfine the moment its sensors picked up something that would be a potential thread.

Womble towered over the unknown figure that had spoken to him, intimidating him by casting a huge shadow over him.

- "So who are you then, I'm in hurry to start shooting that ugly face"

- "You should show some respect" - S117 said showing himself.

- "Respect to someone that doesn't show his face, don't think so" - Womble answered

- "I thought u should know me by my voices but if not maybe u can tell me who I am by seeing me, so here it goes" - S117 ended showing himself.

- "I can't believe it, S117!!! How are you? You have to tell me what happened to you mate, why the hell are you the leader of these things???

- "That is a long story and as you can guess we don't have much time with all this war and I also have some questions, please follow me" - S117 said leading the way.

"Sir !!! Warlord Keng is shooting with all his guns what should we do!!!" - The young officer said

"Control yourself soldier!! Shoot him with one of our best rounds, overload those engines fast!!!"

S117 wakes up realising it was another bad dream, He gets up and looks at the mirror and then he started thinking, he started trying to remember and tried to connect all these bad dreams.

"Sir, we are entering Proxima now!"

"Thanks soldier, is Womble still in cryo?" - S117 asked

"Yes he is, Sir! We were going to wake him up as soon as we leave Algol unless u have something against it"

"No, leave him there, lets see if we have someone to welcome us, stay there, I'm coming to the control room"

"And another thing, is the Dagon Fleet still holding position in Hades?" - S117 asked with a nervous voice

"Yes Sir, they report every thirty minutes, they seem to be ok"

S117 left his room, he was still remembering all the dreams he had till that moment, could it be that they were fractions of memory that Witchfinder couldn't delete or just dreams and not more than that, he didn't know but as soon as he realised he was in the control room in his chair.

"What's the status?" - he asked

"Nothing Sir, Saurion seems to be empty we are at the very edge of the system and we have sent more than three messages asking to dock but no one is answering." - The Nav-officer said.

"Sir! We just received a transmission!" - The Comm Officer informed.

"Let me see it! On my screen please" - S117

As he S117 stopped talking an old lizard appeared on his screen.

"So...Who am I talking to?" - S117 asked

"It's strange you don't remember me but I'll say one thing, you and your ship are not welcome in here leave now!!!" - The lizard ended.

"Sir! They are targeting us, we expect about four Scarabs and three Rifts!"

"Prepare for Hyper!!"

"Sir, three Battle cruisers just launched from Saurion, them and ten Zealots supporting them!!"

"Ok, I think it's time, lets..."

S117 was interrupted with someone entering the room.

"What in Olfus sake is happening S117" - Womble said.

"Nothing, we are just leaving a party Womble, it seems they don't want us here"- S117 answered

The Longsword again entered hyper.

"Where to Sir?" - The Nav-Officer asked

"Womble?" - S117 said looking at him.

"Set course to Polaris"

"You heard the dog, set course now!"

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