Roleplay - The Invaders Attack:
Written by various players.
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Chapter 16: Alteration


Marc paced nervously around a conference room in Brunneran. It was unlike him to get nervous. But how was he supposed to conduct a full scale attack on Union territory if Walt was late. StarRaider was here on time and DeadShot was early. Walt was the only one Marc had told of the new plan. It was a stroke of genius actually that almost guaranteed an easy victory. But he could not unveil the plan until Walt was here. Finally Walt walked into the conference room and sat down.

"What took you so long," DeadShot asking the question that was on the others minds.

"I was held up by important business," Walt answered calmly,

"Now I believe you have a new plan for taking the Union systems Marc."

"Yes I do. That is why DeadShot is here, I plan on splitting our fleets into three fleets instead of four. We will have a Brood fleet and a Kolari fleet these will attack from both sides different sides the Federation ships will be split into two one half will join the Brood and one half will join the Kolari," Marc explained.

"Now the third fleet will be made up of Kolari, Brood and Federation cloakers, these will be under DeadShot command and will attack Eltanin this should draw the majority of the Union fleet away from the other systems, this is when we will strike."

"I have a question, what happens if the Union aren't pulled out of position by DeadShot's attack," asked StarRaider when marc was finished.

"Then we will spilt the two main fleets into four and continue with the original plan, the cloakers will clear Eltanin and then push upwards towards Proxima," Marc replied, then he asked:

"Everyone clear on what they must do." Everyone nodded the affirmative.

'Then get to it," said Marc and everyone started to leave.

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