Roleplay - The Invaders Attack:
Written by various players.
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Chapter 14: Revelations


Silence filled the room when the Presidents last words faded, and all looked at the white haired legend with eyes filled with disbelief. Howard was going to pass on a battle of this magnitude? Nobody could really believe it.

"I will distract the Invaders, so you can deal with the Union and their Allies. Now, let's get to work!"

"Marc, I wish to have a word with you my friend." Walt said, while everyone made their way to their ships, so they could prepare for what was to come…

When all had left the Conference room and Howard was making his way to the door with his limping leg slowing him down dramatically, Marc and Walt called him: "John, we would like to discuss this with you."

The Plexxan turned around while shutting the door. "Yes?"

"You put me in charge of the coordination, and I was wondering what you had in mind when it comes to defeating the Union."

"Yes Marc, I know. What I would do is dividing out fleets into about four separate fleets and attack the outer systems first, and make our way to Saurion."

"My thoughts exactly" said Walt.

"Now that were on our own here, Walt, I would like you to assist Marc in developing the plans. You know, two minds know more then one." was Howards response.

"John, you do realise that Greeny is going to put himself out there as the appointed leader of the Terran fleets don't you?" asked Marc. "Yes, I know, but what can we do. We don't have the time to have them fighting over who is to be the one to lead."

"I guess you are right..." Marcs voice sounded unsure, but willing to accept that possibility.

"By the way John, what is that with your leg nowadays?" Walt's curiosity had gotten the better of himself.

"You remember that invasion seventy five years ago? With Dylan causing mayhem in the Federation systems?" the President asked his old friend.

"I wish I could forget that black day..."

"Yes, I was the only one that managed to stand up to Dylan and live to tell the tale. But there was a price to pay for me...."

"So those stories about that doctor? Are those true too John?" "Yes Marc, they are. If you both would be willing to excuse this old man, I have a mission to prepare." And Howard limped out of the room.

After a moment of silence, Walt asked: "Stories about a doctor?" "Yes, rumours have been going around in the galaxy for years. It seems that about twenty eight years ago, during a medical check-up a Plexxan doctor insisted on removing that scar and healing the wounds that John still bears. John flatly refused, and strong words were traded, if you know what I mean. Four days later that doctor lost his licence to practice medicine..." said Marc with a whisper in his voice.

"You see," he continued "if I know John, and I think I do, then he doesn't want to forget the fact that no matter how amazing and legendary his actions are, he is not immortal... He wants to remind himself of his own ability to fail. Also, its been said that that wound contains some kind of toxic that starts to irritate the nerves in his leg when Bob gets more.... active."

"But off course, that isn't proven?" Walt was thinking out loud. "No Walt, I'm purely speculating on that" said Marc while both of them finally left the Conference room and made their way to their ships to start their preparations of the upcoming missions....

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