Roleplay - The Invaders Attack:
Written by various players.
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Chapter 1: Orfine To The Rescue?


General Chad, Vice-Leader of the Orfine-Alliance, was leading the Orfine Cloaking Pack on a training mission in Rigel when he heard some loud bangs coming from Ceti Alpha. He said on the intercom to his Pack:

"Let's go check this out, maybe there are some Pirates to kill." The Orfines smiled hungrily.

Chad entered Ceti Alpha and drove towards the middle. Chad gazed around in awe. Never had such a deadly fleet been seen. He saw masses of Invader ships destroying all in their sight. Preservers were being slaughtered. Nevertheless, the question remained. Help the Matrix?

Then, he saw the Plexxans going to assist Jake. He knew right then and there what to do. He said over the intercom:

"Orfine Cloaking Pack, open fire on the nearest Worldship!"

BANG! The Orfine were well-trained, and the salvo destroyed the Black Hole. Messages of thanks were sent on the intercom by all ships: the ship was hit just as it was about to attack. However, something very strange then happened. Appearing out of thin space were Invader ships: at least thirty of them. Invader Cloakers! This was unreal! Chad scanned the arena, considering his options. Realising that he was cornered, he gulped, and turned his gun towards the nearest Invader ship...

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