Roleplay - The Invaders Attack:
Written by various players.
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Tensions were high in the Galaxy. The Coalition, consisting of the Terrans, Plexxans, Orfine, and Kolari, were beginning to edge towards war with the Anti-Coalition, the Matrix, Union, and Brood. Nobody knew when a war would come but they knew it would come sooner or later. Nobody was expecting what was about to happen.

It was a normal day, a day just like any other days. People were chatting, the Coalition and Anti-Coalition were yelling at each other, and the Hive, not in either, did nothing in particular. Others were just floating through space. I was the latter. I was in Ceti Alpha having some fun with some of the beasts that lived there-except the Klakanids because they wouldn't buy my minerals then-and wasn't paying any attention when my Valiant, Running With Wolves, started to get pulled towards Jeddah. I first noticed it when my ships screen said "Target- Jeddah, Moving to Orbit" I started to steer away but too no avail, my ship was set to go there and wasn't going to deviate from its current path.

When I entered orbit I was awed to see a base on the ground. It wasn't of Matrix build, of any build he knew of for that matter, until he saw a crashed ship. He knew instantly where he was. He was at the old Invader base that had been rumoured to be in Ceti Alpha. Nobody had been able to find it, until now. He just sat there, staring in awe.

Suddenly, and alarm went off and the bases guns started to shoot at me. I tried to steer out of orbit again and my ship responded this time. I was out of orbit.

"I found it! I found it!" I yelled over the global intercom. "What did you find?" Asked everyone. "I found the Invader bas-" I stopped when I saw, off in the distance, dozens of Worldships heading my way. "" I said. "What?!" Asked everybody. "INVADERS IN CETI ALPHA! INVADERS IN CETI ALPHA! I FOUND THEIR BASE AND SET OFF AN ALARM AND NOW THEIR HERE! REQUEST ASSISTANCE! REQUEST ASSISTANCE!" They were already shooting at me but because I was in a fighter they had a hard time hitting me. Klakanids were attacking the Invader ships and took a few down until there were no more Klakanids left. By then reinforcements had arrived. Among the first were ships from the Federation, led by one old friend.


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