Roleplay - Slah'ke: Our War Part 1:
Written by Adeptprophet of the Union.
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Chapter IX: Kolari Truce? What about the Brood?


John A. Howard stood in the bridge of his custom mystery wondering at the response the Terrans will give him as the diplomatic message arrived in Utopia to S117s station along with Speed Shots comm, both taken by surprise of the effectiveness of Kolari communication equipment they both rushed off into G-66 interceptors, racing the meet up with the Emperor. they both spotted each other and landed at the same exact time oddly enough, jumping out of the cockpit they both rushed to see the Emperor, not noticing each other, S117 ran into the main entrance, as Speed Shot went into the secret off to the side only he knew about incase the Emperor was ever in any trouble.

Church spoke first, to Greeny in a smooth Slah'ke accent only mastered through time. "It is to my wonder on why you have brought me and Adept from our posts in Proxima, and Canopus to have such a gathering during our assault on Eltanin to make the foolish animals pay for what they have committed against us Slah'ke" Greeny had just come from the Alioth system on a survey in what the Slah'ke had accomplished in such a short time. "I have brought us all here to speak about the Kolari, they have attacked Böotes and wiped out a planet in the process, fortunately the Federation was able to respond." Greeny was a bit annoyed at the Union not showing up. Church spoke in an aggravated tone, but forced himself to relax it. "We are trying not to lose this War Emperor, we are suffering casualties every day, you know this out of all the races, we are the ones who are being hit the hardest, you only deal with either the brood, or Kolari where as we face combined attacks on Proxima, Canopus, Mizar, and Kochab. You know this Emperor. We are trying our best to stay together, and support you."

Greeny nodded in sympathy to the Slah'ke Duckman stared at his feet for some reason, still a bit unnerved by the losses the Slah'ke have suffered recently, and what happened to StarRaider... That evil Kolari John he thought. Duckman then spoke up. "I understand Church that you have suffered considerable losses, however StarRaider has had several attempts on his life, and our main War Commander is now in a hospital. In the Castor system, under intensive care." Adept shook his head: Humans are so fragile. At that exact moment S117 and Speed Shot arrived delivering the reports to Greeny, his expression changed to a frown, as he read the message. "We of the Kolari regret laying fire upon Terran soil and wish to withdraw from combat, we apologize, and are willing to compensate for losses suffered in this childish war we have waged for the past year.

After reading it, The Terran empire was caught unaware, as a Kolari Warfleet had entered Sol, going right past Mars, and sat right in front of Utopia. The Kolari named John A. Howard, had decided that it was time to remove this little Emperor from power. John spoke telepathically to everyone in the Imperial Palace from afar. "To who ever is there, inside your Emperor must be surrendered or we will set fire to Utopia, and every single system we can find that has at least one Terran in it!" John although being Kolari had no facial expression but his inner light turned to a different color showing a color resembling an evil smile. S117 pulled out his Bolt Pistol, as Church had his disintegrator out, Speed Shot took out two assault shotguns, where as Prmens and Duckman had disintegrators and Adept had extremely sharp claws. John was a caped Kolari his metal body showed that he was someone of importance as told by the gold lining he had stretching across its "body". Greeny had spotted the lightbulb, which was the problem with them: they really couldn’t sneak around at night. Church then yelled at Narses who kindly woke up out of his chair that he had found while waiting for them. PhantomGODess had came out of nowhere along with Dennis who was now a System Lord weapons drawn, and there stood a very Confused Narses.

Narses still dumbfounded to why everyone had weapons drawn asked a very stupid question "We’re under attack again?" all he got were glares. Narses nodded and pulled out an oversized rocket launcher and Greeny looked at him with an angry expression "I thought I told you to throw that out!" Narses shrugged and noticed a Kolari running towards them, and Narses fired it this large gun of his, and there was no more Kolari. Adept was very confused, Church heard of those things before, it was an older version of a disintegrator but... that thing was ridiculous! Church spoke to Adept in Slah'ke “I’ll stay down here and protect the Emperor, your responsible for getting that Zealot of yours down here." Adept smiled a toothy grin and ran off leaping attaching himself to a wall and climbed out to a area of the building where he had spotted a shuttle, and he stole the dinky Terran-mobile.

Back Inside:

Greeny was quite infuriated that Narses had not disposed of the stupid weapon as he was ordered to, but I guess he was a little happy that Narses kept the stupid thing. Greeny that looked to Church who told Adept to get a Cruiser. Something was up. Prmens knew about it too, they both became aware that the second Slah'ke was missing. Greeny spoke "Church, that friend of yours isn’t going to do something insane is he?" Church gave him the look of "do you really want to know?" Prmens heard a faint roar, a roar of, the roof was gone, and there was a Zealot, landing right in the middle of the Palace, as it landed the loading ramp was lowered. Church then said in a soft tone of urgency in Terran. "We all need to get away from here." They all agreed quite frankly and the entourage of Terrans and Plexxans got aboard Adepts Zealot, and the Zealot sped away blowing through the Kolari blockade by playing chicken with a Mystery.

John A. Howard saw this and telepathically cried out with curses.

Inside the Zealot Church had tended to everyone in a very civil manner even though the Emperor just had an attempt on his life he didn't want to leave his people.

In Eltanin, Machinehr, SPQR, Tomglomerate, Crossgrave, and several others approached a Genus starbase and lined up to take the thing down as Walt’s personal fleet arrived, but only for a few seconds and then left. SPQR spoke in fleet Com. "Did you see that?" Machinehr replied with a simple "Yes... that was rather odd, as if he didn't care we were here... hmm unless." The Emperor Machinehr Tomglomerate and SPQR cursed at the same time and hypered out with all urgency where as the remaining Slah'ke begun their attack on the Genus starbase only later to be destroyed.

In the mean time in the system of Sol, Greeny spoke in a soft tone "Well now that were going to get acquainted might as well start "Adept, thank you for the save." Adept could only nod. Church noticed Adept was focusing on evading Kolari and now he tried to evade Genus ships, when Tomglomerate's signature registered on his sensor screen. "Church! Tomglomerate...and it seems Machinehr and SPQR are with him!" Church let out a sigh of relief. "Very well then, it seems we need to get our esteemed friend out of here alive." Adept nodded and flew past Pluto now and engaged his hyperdrive, the ship entered hyperspace as a squadron of enemy cloaking fighters had decloaked to engage Adept, and the rest of the Slah'ke. Adept let out a sigh of relief inside himself, not showing it to anyone. "Emperor, we are on a steady course for Saurion." Greeny smiled, along with Narses, Phantom thanked him S117 stared at the Slah'ke and made a small grin, where as Speed Shot just nodded in approval. Adept felt good to get these signs of appreciation from people he barely even knew, these Terrans kept amazing him with each passing day he lived alongside them.

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