Roleplay - Slah'ke: Our War Part 1:
Written by Adeptprophet of the Union.
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Chapter VIII: A line, a Shape, Greed, Feeling


SPQR told Adept about his dream apparent Adept talked in his sleep. Unfortunately Adept could remember it, it was the scariest dream he's ever had in his life, apparently it scared SPQR too. SPQR left Adept to make preflight checks. Adept had been able to buy the final upgrade with the money that came through the last Battle, Church was apparently going over to meet with the Terrans during the Battle, and so was Adept. Adept wasn't too happy to be going without SPQR, and under the circumstances that he was also going when everyone else was going to Eltanin to purge the filth that rested there. Adept received the message as he prepped Sorrow, a Zealot with advanced Delta Cannons, Adept received a message from Church giving him the appropriate departure time, and info on bringing a close combat weapon. Adept smiled and looked at his claws he had sharpened earlier this week. Adept leapt up onto the side of Sorrow you could hear the taping of Adepts claws on the ships armor, as he reached the bridge topside hatch of the ship. Adept kindly popped it open and climbed in, rushing to get into the command center of his Zealot. Adept then ran preflight checks and lightning speed hands and tail included he pressed a sequence of buttons unlocking the weapons and allowing the Engines to power up as the docking clamps let go of his modified Zealot. Church had taken a different type of Zealot, it was a tri winged one instead of the usual double. The wings signified that he was a diplomat. Adept kindly moved to an escorting formation with Church and they both went into hyperspace in unison.

On Utopia, the base orbiting the Terran home world, Narses was unfortunately tasked to prepare everything for Church's arrival to Sol reports that left Proxima said that they would be arriving with in the hour. Narses began scream his head off giving orders like a mad man so things would get done, frantic in making sure it was excellent he even helped out. People were surprised to see the famed War Minister running around making sure everything was in readiness for Churches arrival. Then Greeny gave Narses some more orders to make his job even more trying. He then stopped and thought for a moment and figured out what to do. He walked over to a nearby consol, and pushed a button. Then he sat down and read the News for today.

Moments later two Slah'ke ships entered Terran space and appeared with a flash of light outside of Utopia and began proper docking procedures, as this happened Narses sighed loudly for the inconvenience of the arrival. Narses then got up again straightening out his uniform for an appropriate appearance, and met Church in the Ambassadorial Hangar.

Narses noticed that Duckman was walking with Phantom, being directed to a landing shuttle. Narses shook his head. 'Those shuttles are always so damn small." Church over heard this, and looked directly at Narses, and made a suggestion. "Then why donít we take a Zealot ride down to the Imperial Palace?" Narses was a bit surprised and spat out the coffee he brought with him. "I apologize for that Building Minister Church, and...guard. But I think that would be against diplomatic protocol." Adept nodded in agreement with the Terran and spoke in Slah'ke "I do agree with the Terran on this, although it would be fun to land one down there I must say that it would be a bad publicity stunt." Church then responded in Slah'ke "True, that is extremely true." Church then spoke in Terran "Yes that is true Narses very well. Let us go on the little shuttle" That made Narses chuckle, and he led the two down to the Shuttle bay in the Station. The three kindly boarded it as Church looked a bit upset that they had to ride the dinky human ship. They both spoke in Slah'ke which annoyed Narses because half the time they spoke so fast you couldn't understand what they even said. "Adept, please, don't do anything they would find threatening." Adept tilted his head and responded in a stressed tone "I've never ticked any Terrans off before though... nor do I recall offending any Terrans." Church nodded just as a small thump flung adept right into Narses tail and all. Adept jumped off of Narses and apologized repeatedly for the mistake. Narses kept saying forget it. A few minutes later they arrived and this time Church flew into Narses. Narses swore, and Church apologized to Narses. Narses told him to forget it. "So... we're back here again... letís hope we don't get attacked again..." Church nodded, it was clear Narses understood what Adept had said and spoke in the Empires behalf. "We'll try our best to keep that from happening again." The two Slah'ke smiled their toothy grins, spooking out journalists standing nearby recording the two Slah'ke.

A few minutes Later Narses saw Phantom speaking with Prmens who accompanied Duckman to meet the Emperor. Narses caught a few things what the two Slah'ke said, such as "Potted plant" "hole" "flower" and "rain". Fortunately Narses really didnít want to know what the two were conversing about. Adept and Church were greeted by the Feds and the two Slah'ke bowed in show of respect.

Greeny then Entered the chamber where everyone was at, and Adept took a step back, bowing to show Greeny respect. Church then nodded at Adept and focused on Greeny and Duckman on why they were called away from duty on the front lines for.

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