Roleplay - Slah'ke: Our War Part 1:
Written by Adeptprophet of the Union.
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Chapter VII: Dancing Lizard Fairies?!


Prior to the attack and Adept waking up for the attack on Eltanin he had such a strange little dream, in fact it was the strangest one he's had in a long time:

Adept woke up on a cloud and he looked out side, and found the most peculiar thing a Slah'ke has ever seen, for outside on this cloud, he saw 10 small little dancing Lizard Fairies, they danced in a circle in what looked like the color purple, none of this made sense to this Lizard in distress, but Still Adept could not regret watching these little dancing lizard fairies, Adept was more freaked out to realize that he was standing upside down, now this lizard confused by this illusion. So he wondered at why there were dancing lizard fairies, Adept then fell, to this certain place, and so on the floor he found even more lizard fairies, now this in turn scared Adept that there were dancing lizard fairies all over the joint, he looked about and saw without a doubt, these lizard fairies were dancing about singing about how they were fairies! Adept then screamed running away only to find that there were more dancing lizard fairies. Adept got so angry his head flew off and into yonder and all he could do was ponder that the fact he was still intact and hearing those stupid damn cursed singing lizard fairies, so without further hesitation he got his Ka'Mak sword and started slashing this stupid annoying lizard fairies. So then in the end he felt so relieved that there were no more dancing lizard fairies, but unfortunately to this address I must detest that there were now Lizard fairies. Adept screamed out, not with a doubt cursing these little lizard fairies. So now obscured that he could not be cured of these damn little singing cursed lizard fairies, he sat in doubt wondering if he could get out, this little bout with these damn little lizard fairies. Then they found him only in astounding him that there were even more of these lizard fairies! So Adept found himself waking up to a freaked out SPQR.

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