Roleplay - Slah'ke: Our War Part 1:
Written by Adeptprophet of the Union.
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Chapter V: Memories, War, a Loss of a Friend


Adept stood there, in his room, looking at a planet while he eat something. He was just thinking about this war, well for him it happened kind of fast its hard to remember that you've been fighting the same factions for ten long years:

He was patrolling the Alioth Megrez route, when he got to Megrez, he found a couple Terrans battling it out with the Brood, then the Nexus came out from no where. They hammered Adepts ship until it was at 10% hull integrity where a Slah'ke councilor dropped from hyper and eliminated the nexus, unfortunately the ship Adept was using had been falling apart and ripped in half, exploding a few moments later. But before it exploded a Slah'ke by the name of SPQR boarded the ship and ripped adept from the command chair breaking the straps, and ran back to where he boarded from and beamed back to his ship saving Adepts life. Adept woke up a week later, and was informed about what happened by SPQR, Adept had praised SPQR for saving him from the burning wreckage. After that day SPQR and Adept became close friends, in the past ten years they fought a losing war against the Kolari, and Brood. Not many other people in the other races knew that this war had been raging for so long.

Adept broke the trance he was in remembering ten years ago when he had first met SPQR. He smiled, and felt good for a moment, but even though the victories they've had. They have been few and far between. Sometimes further than Adept had liked, First Pollux, then Megrez. It took the Genus and Kolari five years to take Megrez from the Union, only because of the Hive were they able to threaten the final planet so. Adept grew angry at the hate the Kolari and Genus had for the Slah'ke. He spoke with anger. "I will make sure they regret what they've done to us." Machinehr was behind Adept and spoke in a soft, sympathetic tone. "I agree. This war has claimed many close friends of mine, and for what? All because these races wanted planets." Machinehr spat at the idea. "I only prefer that they fight with ships instead of bombing our planets." Adept nodded. What Machinehr said was what every Slah'ke ever born agreed with, the thrill of battle this was a War the Slah'ke could not miss, and even if armageddon came the Slah'ke would fight the bringers of death till the last child. Machinehr then spoke again "Adept go to the amphitheater to meet up with the rest." Adept nodded, his long tail dragging on the floor. Machinehr, then left to go get Tomglomerate out of his Hangar, where he usually spent time modifying his Scarab. Machinehr was correct at going there, Tom was crawling on his Scarab fixing some shield hard points on it, Machinehr also noticed that Tom was swapping the weapons for Slah'ke weapons. He smiled and called out to Tomglomerate and told him to come with him to the Amphitheater for the meeting. They both were walking down the Hall to see SPQR a bit sad, Mach had heard what happened, but he didn't think it would have affected him that much.

Adept noticed that there were an alarming amount of warriors that werenít there. So, we start feeling the wars effect after all. He noticed SPQR walking slowly, Adept frowned, he knew what had happened, A Genus ambush occurred and one of SPQRís friends was killed in the process. SPQR had told Adept. Adept felt like he had lost his parents again, a few moments later Adept got up, and made a respectful gesture to SPQR as he walked past Adept, and sat down next to him. Church was sitting a few feet way from SPQR, speaking to Tomglomerate about his recent combat building surveys. as that occurred Machinehr got up into the middle stage, and spoke in a clear loud and commanding voice. "This has been a terribly costly war... But I do know one thing, these Godless fools, have no place In our systems, for they could not take on Proxima, nor could they Canopus, or Adhara!" Now with the necessary moral booster out of the way he got to business. "We are going to strike at Alioth, and wipe out any Genus or Kolari opposition, the next system after that is Eltanin, and then we will burn their starbases down to the atmosphere in Megrez, Alioth, and Eltanin! We are not going to take any planets, why? Because we do not need them. We only need targets to shoot at." He stepped down hearing every Slah'ke in the room, unfortunately, only a small number, roar in favor of Machinehr's idea. SPQR had been excited about shooting things as was Adept, after all it was the favorite activity of the Slah'ke, they'd all be willing to stay up for days just so they could shoot the targets out there to be claimed.

There was a Terran diplomat a couple meters away from the theater, just as the roaring started, it shook the very ground he stood on making Dennis a bit nervous to be near a bunch of screaming two meter tall Lizards excited because they get to kill things now. Dennis had entered the Amphitheater to find Machinehr, the roaring in here was deafening and they both left to speak where they both could hear each other. SPQR left to tend to his Invincible, as did Adept to his Zealot. Adept on his way to the Hangar noticed a Terran female in an Admirals uniform. He tilted his head in curiosity trying to figure out where he has seen this same person, to him she looked strangely familiar to Adept. He walked up and spoke to her, his accent was still a bit hard to understand though. "Excuse me Terran, but who are you?" She found it quite amusing that this warrior was a bit clueless to who she was, He must be new... "I am Admiral Phantom, and you are?" The Slah'ke spoke once more in his heavy accent "I am Adept." She smiled. So this is one of the few elite Slah'ke I keep hearing about. The Slah'ke spoke once more "I must go and tend to my ship." She chuckled as she watched the long tailed Slah'ke run to his hangar.

After Machinehr met with the Diplomat the Terrans left, they did notice that Proxima had a considerable amount of powerful ships undocking, along with Halo, SPQR I, Tomglomerate's Scarab, Machinehr's MechWarrior, Crossblade's Zealot, JAKE's Star Point, even Church's Rift was undocking. This worried the Terran council woman who was there, after all the Slah'ke donít go anywhere with that much firepower unless they mean to wipe something from the face of existence, which they haven't done since they lost Pollux. Mach had told them this "We are heading out to obliterate multiple systems, take the empty planets if you wish." Machinehr meant business this time around it seemed. Then the Terran diplomatic ship had its hyper drive charged and ready to go just as the Slah'ke ships left the system as one.

The Slah'ke fleet entered Alioth space, freaking out several Genus transports, the Slah'ke ships then assumed a formation in a cluster to maximize their firepower, and life of fire. 16 Kolari mysteries, in response to the Slah'ke ships engaged the group of angry Lizards. Adept and SPQR let out primal roars through the com, creating a scary effect with the overpowered ships. SPQR, Church, JAKE, and Tomglomerate were the first to engage the Kolari enemies. Adept engaged two captured Terran Invincibles, already ripping the Invincible apart with its Delta cannons as the Dual Gamma Cannon was being fired at the enemyís wing mate.

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