Roleplay - Slah'ke: Our War Part 1:
Written by Adeptprophet of the Union.
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Chapter IV: Alliances, Few in Numbers, Loosing?


Machinehr stood looking out at Proxima I, he was thinking about the war with the Hive, Genus and Kolari. He sighed his shoulders slumped as he turned to see a large room, with countless designs showing greatness. He really didn't like having things better than the other Slah'ke. Church then entered the room in his quiet manner, "Hello Mach." this scared Machinehr quite a bit. "Will you stop doing that?!" Church made an apologetic gesture, and clearly sarcastic, which earned a small smile from Machinehr. "What is it you bring for me today Church?" Church smiled, which meant this was damn good news. We had broken a Hive transmission earlier today and discovered that they plan to attack BŲotes in several hours." Machinehr, tilted his head in wonder. "Send Adept, SPQR, and have Tomglomerate keep watching the com chatter." Church bowed and went off to SPQR's room.

SPQR was awakened by Church, apparently this was something important that needed to be done. Church spoke. "SPQR I need you to take Adept and yourself to BŲotes, bring your warships though." SPQR nodded and was off before Church could leave the room. SPQR was wandering through the halls of the station looking for Adept, which he found exactly where he thought he would, tending to his many Zealots, the one he was tending to was Sorrow, named in honor of Megrez, another modified Zealot of his. SPQR spoke in a loud and clear voice "Adept, ready one of your warships, and get going to BŲotes, we got work to do there." Adept was surprised and fell off of the wing of sorrow. "Ow!..." SPQR winced at the fall, but couldnít keep his soft laughter in. Adept got back up and spoke in a clear and loud voice "Alright I'll meet you There Old friend!" SPQR nodded and ran off to his hangar which coincidental enough was the next one over. SPQR got his Invincible out. Seeing that Adept had Halo out. Adept sent a message to SPQR as they left "So I take it someoneís gonna attack there?""

SPQR smiled and simple said "Yes Adept, we get to blow stuff up today" SPQR could hear the excitement in Adepts voice; after all they had been cooped up waiting for an attack for some time.

Machinehr watched the Invincible and the Zealot leave Proxima, Machinehr sighed. Wondering about several things. What if we do lose this? He pushed that thought away though, they weren't going to lose, Machinehr would not let that happen. Just then Tomglomerate had entered the room. "The Terrans are requesting help." Tom said in a plain and simple tone. Machinehr, turned to him and told him this "Then tell them that Help is on the way." Tomglomerate smiled and left the Overlords room, running back to the communications room.

Narses, S117, PhantomGODdess, Aragon, Dennis, Taveius, Duckman, and Prmens were battling it out against the Kolari, and Genus. The Terran and Federation fleets were immense, along with the Genus and Kolari fleets, it was a show of light seeing lasers torpedoes, and distortions fire back and fourth. Narses had been harassing the Insidious bombers, already claiming his sixteenth kill of the Battle he was speaking to everyone involved in the fleet.

"Phantom take your fleet and have attempted to separate the Kolari and Genus ships."

"Alright Narses."

"This is S117, Iím moving up with my cloaker fleet, I'll continue my hit and run tactics on trying to take out the Rifts we got supporting the main Kolari fleet."

"Very well S117 Narses out."

Prmens and Aragon had combined their forces so they could give supporting fire in a more effective manner. Prmens had six Liberators out of his twenty original Liberators, where as Aragon had most of his 50 Dominators remaining. Dennis had led a fighter wing to keep the Genus cloak fighters off the Invincibles, and Paladins backs. Duckman led the main assault force for the Feds. Dennis then yelled into the com. "Two additional contacts!"

Phantom read them too. "Odd... only two ships?"

Narses noticed one was a Zealot carrying Union colours. "This is all the support we get?" The Invincible fired its weapons. "When did we make Invincibles that fired Dual Gamma shots?!"

SPQR and Adept had exited Hyperspace behind the two enemy fleets they were still conversing with each other. "Adept, which do you want?" Adept smiled at the question already bloodthirsty "I'll take the Genus." and Halo sped off, towards the enemy fleet of Genus Insidious bombers were going to get hit first. SPQR laughed in an evil manner, also hungry for kills. They both fired off their weapons at the same time. Adept had spotted four Insidious bombers and chose them for his kills. He fired off his four Delta Cannons at the four different ships, then fired His dual Gamma cannon at one of the Insidious bombers, but missed hitting a cloaked fighter, removing the entire thing from existence.

Most of the feds were surprised at the sheer firepower these two ships had, Duckman than mentioned that they were Slah'ke ships. Prmens could recognize Slah'ke ships anywhere only because of the ridiculous amount of firepower that they could pump out. Narses, Phantom, and Dennis then noticed the Zealot that fired its Dual gamma Cannon a second time, the shot went straight through and collided into a Death-Helix, sending it into another Insidious, the two ships seemed to be dancing up until they both blew up. The Terrans and Plexxans fought twice as hard now, pushing forward at the Kolari and Genus forces back towards the Union Zealot and Invincible. The two ships seemed like every time they fired they were getting better and better. Narses ordered for them to stop.

Prmens spoke up "Why are we stopping, we should kill that last Helix!"

Narses then swiftly answered angrily at Prmens ignorance "So they can tell about their defeat!" PhantomGODess nodded in agreement and spoke up "Narses is right Prmens. It would be a heavy hit on some of their moral." Narses spoke too soon though, as the Death-Helix the Union duo fired at it with all of their weapons. The ship jerked downwards from the hits, then the Dual Gamma hits went straight through the hull, tearing two large holes in the ship, it slowly rotated until the Slah'ke duo fired again ripping the rest apart.

Everyone was shocked at the ferocity of the two, and the brutality they had committed was rather unneeded. SPQR spoke to the fleet commanders. "We are your reinforcements. Is this the trouble you were having?" Narses scratched the back of his head, and stood there on his Invincible. "Um, yes... I think we're done." Prmens was amazed at the power these Slah'ke ships had. Duckman then said "Prmens, these Slah'ke are famous for their brutality, and fighting ability, and not to forget the sheer firepower of their ships." Prmens began to wonder on how did they loose so much against the factions they just slaughtered. Dennis then spoke to Narses. "Sir, are there anymore contacts?" Narses sent his reply message "No captain, head back to Sol for debrief." Dennis and his wingmen did so. Phantom hypered out for debrief in Sol, soon followed by Narses and Taveius. Then SPQR got the message that Adhara was under attack by the Hive. The Two Union ships kicked it into overdrive and screamed into hyperspace right past the Plexxan ships. A few moments later the Plexxan ships hypered out to Sol for debrief.

SPQR, and Adept got a message from Machinehr while they were in hyper. "Listen you two don't over do it, I still need you two alive and well so we can spread the hurt everywhere." SPQR nodded. Adept was silent, remembering the deaths in Alioth. Thatís all he was focused on right now was obliterating who ever attacked Adhara. SPQR was quiet for most of the time, until they got to Adhara. "I Think weíre to late." Adept looked down. "Damnit." SPQR heard it "Adept listen we tried to get here on ti-" he didn't finish off the message because seven scarabs came out of nowhere.

Dennis sat at the debriefing. Listening to Narses, the Supreme Commander in the War. "Alright it seems things are starting to turn around for us." Dennis nodded, as did everyone else. "However, that doesn't mean we should be too confident in ourselves. After all thatís what got us here." There wasnít any denying of that fact. "Thanks to our efforts and the assistance of the Slah'ke we are winning this war now, we have the offensive on the Genus, Kolari and Hive." Phantom spoke up, "Narses, we haven't even seen a Hive ship in about a week don't you think the Hive would have shown up at that attack?" Narses thought for a second. "Thatís true. Alright our next move is on Sirius, we need to take that back, we'll do it through mass attack tomorrow though so we'll have the newer batch of Invincibles ready for our military, and hopefully the Slah'ke can show up." Everyone knew when Narses dismissed them, so with that said everyone left Narses to be alone in the conference room on a Terran military base on Earth. "So... Machinehr... this is the Slah'ke war?"

In Adhara the two fought hard trying to stay alive, both of their engines where disabled, and the Hive had the audacity to do it in the Slah'ke' own system. SPQR swore in their language saying curses of all kinds where as Adept said many things that even the most mature person would faint and die from the amount of curses. The Hive uncloaked again only to get hammered by SPQRís main Dual Gamma Cannon battery, cutting the ship in half a portion tried to fire but the Invincible shot its weapons off before it could. Where as Adept fired off his Delta Cannons hammering any who dared uncloak, however one Scarab got hit with the Dual gamma and was completely destroyed. Adept and SPQR were on the verge of death, their hull losing armor by the second. One more hit and Adept would be dead. SPQR spotted the scarab that was about to fire at Adept and he swung his ship around taking the hit in the secondary reactor. Then the rest of the cloakers uncloaked, moments later ten Union Scarabs uncloaked and finished off the five remaining Scarabs. Adept shouted praise "By the tides of war! Thanks for the save Church!" Church smiled at the praise, and spoke. "Listen guys, we're Slah'ke, and we help each other out because we're all brothers in this." SPQR Nodded and said something which anyone rarely heard "Yes Church Thank you very much for saving our tails." with that said they all left for Proxima, docking when they arrived, the Two warriors now exhausted from the ride there, back, to BŲotes, the fighting in BŲotes, and the fight in Adhara. Adept went to sleep where as SPQR met up with Machinehr.

Adept made it to his room without passing out, and made it to the bed, and then he passed out, and there on his bed he dreamed of when his parents were still alive.

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