Roleplay - Slah'ke: Our War Part 1:
Written by Adeptprophet of the Union.
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Chapter III: Lizard in the Big City


The next day Adept got up now fully recovered from the extreme sleep deprivation only to find SPQR standing right next to his bed. "Come on Adept, we gotta go." Adept did as he was told, he promptly got up, grabbed something to eat and drink and some close combat weapons, and left with SPQR. "So umm... where are we going again?" SPQR chuckled "to Sol, and the Imperial City to meet the Emperor and discuss some things, me and you are both Machinehr's guards and advisers. Well... me and Church are at least" Adept got onto his Zealot The Clan, and left Saurion and went right into Hyperspace with the three Slah'ke Leaders. Adept wondered how the Imperial city would look like. He always wondered about the Terrans, their government was so odd... Well to him at least. It would be awhile before they got there. So he might as well go back to sleep.

About two hours later they entered Sol, as Adept woke up too. they docked at Utopia as the Terran councilor who was our host told us to do, we all got off our ships and met with him. Machinehr noticed it was Narses and someone else. "Hello Narses." he said in the Terran language. Narses then noticed Adept and SPQR in Combat attire, but it was like an Honour Guard type armor too. Dennis the other Terran spoke up. "Why are these two so heavily armed?" Machinehr tilted his head staring at the Terran. "These are my body guards." he simply said, Machinehr tried not to laugh at the Terrans reaction to how rude Mach told him who they were. They all got on some ship that transported them down to the Imperia city. Adept curled his tail around the spot he was standing in. Dennis was a bit uneasy to have so many tall Lizards in the same room as him. Narses however seemed unafraid. A few minutes later they arrived at the Imperial Palace. Adept took note in the plethora of complex designs on the walls and the ceilings inside the massive structure. Mach spoke in the Slah'ke language. "These Terrans where always big show offs." Adept and SPQR laughed. Where as Church kept his eyes searching for possible assassins who would try and kill their beloved leader.

Greeny was surprised when the four Slah'ke arrived still speaking in Slah'ke they ended the conversation quickly just as Greeny approached them. The something moved in the background... he couldn't quite place it. But Greeny still walked towards Machinehr and began to talk about relations between the Terran and Slah'ke empires. Adept now his eyes narrowed at the thing... genus. He then ran forward as all the Terran guards reacted, and the Genus swiftly turned around weapon pulled to shoot him. Adept slash some Genus in half. Adept turned around and grunted a confirmation on the kill.

When the power went out, and the Genus ambush began.

SPQR leapt about 7 feet onto another Genus, then Church pulled out his weapon. Mach had spotted something in the shadows approaching the Emperor, but Dennis and a security team had gunned it down immediately. Adept was spotted climbing up a wall and into a crevice hearing a disturbing scream and a roar later a battered body was thrown into the natural light smashing right at Machinehr's feet.

The four Slah'ke speaking to each other in their language fought hand to hand against the Genus ambushers. Then several armed Terrans tried to gun down Machinehr, only to get their arms ripped off by Church. Adept leapt off of the side of a wall to save the Emperor the trouble of killing the Genus in mid air, they collided and smashed to the ground. Dennis Had told the Emperor that they needed to leave for his safety. With the Terran Emperor gone, the Slah'ke could be more destructive. SPQR beat a Genus to death with a rolled up rug, as Mach swung his sword cutting a Genus in half. Adept impaled a Genus fighter with his tail lifting the thing off of the ground making a sis kabob out of its friends with his long tail and sword, adept spun flinging the bodies all over the place. The lights promptly turned back on, after about an hour of fighting, which was when the Emperor returned. SPQR muttered something about it. The Terrans did suffer casualties, but come to think of it why had the Genus gone through all the trouble? Machinehr muttered "Seems out of place... hmmm odd..."

Church was kneeling next to a dieing Genus, Church was angry you could tell by how tight his grip was on the things neck, Church's fingers cracked in a loud audible way.

"Tell me why you attack filth."

The Genus spat in its language multiple insults on the Slah'ke race as a whole. Which only made Church tighten his grip even further, threatening to end its life faster, instead, he loosened it. He roared in the Genus's face then the information spilled out, apparently they were pirates hired by the Nexus. This was most disturbing in sign of news on how low the Nexus would stoop. A few moments later Mach noticed three people walking through the Hallways, StarRaider, Duckman and Prmens. All Federation officials. Adept tilted his head showing confusion that SPQR noticed so he kindly went over to speak with Adept to clear his thoughts.

StarRaider had a very kind voice, welcoming. "Emperor Greeny! Overlord Machinehr! It is so enlightening that we have received the honors of meeting you both again! But I wish it was on better terms that we met."

Commodore S117 appeared out of nowhere delivering news to Greeny. "Well it seems that one of my esteemed warriors has delivered news that a planet from Alioth has been lost to the Nexus."

Adept narrowed his eyes. Greeny looked at Adept, then noticed SPQR tensed up for a moment at the mention of Alioth. Greeny thought to himself: So it seems they are close friends of each other... I see threat they are also angry at the loss of civilian life at such a level... The Slah'ke have been hit hard haven't they... Including after Megrez... those few heroís that held the bombers off until the civilians could get away... I really do feel sorry for these guys.

"I see you SPQR and your fellow warrior have witnessed planet side first hand?"

SPQR nodded, where as Adept looked like he didn't even hear me. Adept then nodded showing sorrow in the remembering of the burned and cratered surface. He had seen the planet an awful lot in the past years. But now that it was gone... Adept spoke in Terran, which surprised Church.

"Yes. We witnessed it, but we stopped the bombing we arrived when it was in progress, we killed those who were on site." his accent was hard to understand Prmens spoke in a kind and caring tone.

"I see that the Nexus have plagued you too? We have seen multiple battles in the very proximity of our own home world; unfortunately we lost of our best."

This was out of place for Prmens as StarRaider turned to the General and almost scolded Prmens for talking out of turn, but StarRaiders expression softened up, after all Prmens was still young, and inexperienced when it came to political dealings, Prmens was here to take his mind off of the Federations recent victim to the war, he was known as the spirit of the Federation. He was a dear friend of Prmens, of all the Federation. Duckman moved away to speak to Machinehr, and Greeny about what the Federation had to offer, because these three races were suffering the same destruction as the Terrans and the Slah'ke were.

Machinehr spoke first "Greeny, Duckman I know this has been a trying time for all of us, but I need to inform you that we Slah'ke" he paused and sighed he didn't like admitting stuff like this. "We are losing. and the costs of our warriors have been too severe, now we are only hanging onto hope that the Kolari and the Genus will back down and leave us be. To be honest that Slah'ke over there speaking to your cohorts, is named Adept, he is the one responsible for the evacuation of Megrez, you both probably have seen the recordings of the Zealot and several Inquisitors standing against the bombers, on the last planet we held in Megrez. This war is trying for all the Slah'ke." Greeny nodded in sympathy for Machinehr. Duckman spoke then. "Our own hone system has come under siege just a few weeks ago we suffered attacks led by their leader, marc, and their other members of the council. He have lost countless millions in these attacks upon Castor, and several other systems countless billions. We also just lost one of our best pilots to the Federation only just recently so that we could be here now." Greeny nodded, Machinehr bowed in respect of the Pilot who gave his or her life. Greeny spoke. "The Terran military forces have suffered staggering defeats in this war, but we are trying to hold strong our moral is in the buckets to be honest, I want to have the three of our empires survive this. If we lose, all of us loose." Machinehr nodded. as did Duckman. Machinehr spoke again. "I understand the position of all of us are in now. The Slah'ke are willing enough to join forces with the Terran Empire and the Federation." With that said, Greeny smiled, being told a long delayed good news. Duckman was surprised that Machinehr would make a choice like this so quickly. Church came out of nowhere, Greeny and Duckman looked at each other as the two spoke in Slah'ke

"Machinehr, Alioth is lost." Machinehr's eyes grew sorrowful. Church spoke again. "However, we were able to evacuate most of the civilians because of Tomglomerate, and JAKE" Machinehr smiled, thatís what he cared about so long as his people werenít killed he was happy. Machinehr nodded. "Very well Church, inform that Tomglomerate, and JAKE are to be commended for such achievements in the evacuation of the planet."

Machinehr then said in the Human language what had happened. "We just lost Alioth. I suggest you make your choices fast Plexxan" he made a polite bow, and signaled for the rest it was time to leave. Adept said goodbye to Prmens, and StarRaider. And followed Machinehr, Church and SPQR.

They boarded the ship they arrived on, and shortly arrived at Utopia where Narses had kept their ships under watch. Greeny had just given his speech about the new alliance with the Slah'ke to the entire empire. SPQR, Mach and Church got into their ships, going back to Proxima. Where as Adept stood next to his ship The Clan for a bit, thinking about the discussion with Prmens he had. He smiled, and noticed Narses standing there. "Excuse me Terran." Narses turned around to face the Slah'ke "Yes?" Adept responded with a kind tone "Your Imperial city is beautiful. Its buildings remind me of my home, Fight for the things that are most beautiful to you and good things will come" Adept then left Narses with that as he leapt onto the side of his ship climbing to a hatch over the bridge of his cruiser, and went inside securing the hatch and left Sol, to return home to Proxima.

Narses smiled at the comment then resumed watching the Emperor give the speech on a TV like screen. "I think... we are going to have a good turn of events."

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