Roleplay - Slah'ke: Our War Part 1:
Written by Adeptprophet of the Union.
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Chapter II: Terrans? Here? What's going on?!


Tavieus then met up with Prime Minister Narses, and several other Terran warriors sent to escort the officials through the immense starbase. Dennis spoke up in amazement at the areas of what seemed to be like jungle from Earth.

"Excuse me but, Prime Minister, why do we need to speak to Machinehr now? As you saw SPQR he said him and that warrior were prepping for a counter attack."

Narses looked at Dennis for a bit, and spoke.

"Well as capable as the Slah'ke are in war... I'm afraid we are in the same position as they are. Of course they're not going to counter attack, because it would be completely reckless to do so against such large factions."

Dennis nodded. Phantom then spoke up

"Well, Minister Narses, as demonstrated before from our scouts in Megrez, you saw what that one Union cruiser, and several Inquisitors did to that attacking force."

Narses nodded slowly, "that I did notice... Iím wondering why it wasn't any of the Union council who did that... or...weíre there."

Church came out of nowhere, as he usually did. Narses than looked at Church for about three seconds and knew where Mach was.

"So he's not available?" Narses simply said.

Church nodded and answered his question.

"He is here, but he is prepping for a counter attack along with SPQR, Tomglomerate and one other warrior. So I am now left in charge with everything that does not include the counter attack upon the filthy races we fight."

Narses was surprised. Well... everyone was. "You mean..."

"Yes." Church simply said.

Dennis thought for a moment, then noticed Tavieus wasnít speaking. Then when Dennis noticed, he spoke.

"The warrior with that armageddon of a Zealot?"

Church smiled.

"Off course."

Phantom spoke up getting things back to the subject they came here to actually discuss.

"Emperor Greeny has sent us to relay his request."

Church did something similar to the 'onebrow raise' that the Terrans do so often. He thought for a moment though: It seems odd that Greeny wouldn't have come here in person, but... we got reports that they're getting hit by the Brood scourge led by Walt... Along with the Kolari...hmmm most troubling. Church began to inquire what it as they wanted.

"Terran, what were his requests exactly?" Church was being unusually upfront with these dealings. Narses spoke first and explained everything.

"Emperor Greeny wants to said aid, to help you out in this war, in exchange for your aid in ours."

Church thought about it for a moment, and decided his reply right here and now. "I'll inform Machinehr about your Emperors requests. However, you will have to wait on his decision so you leave at least one person from your... entourage here in the station."

Narses sighed. He knew it would end up like this anyways.

"Very well.Ē

Back in the Ship bays, Adept finished off his preflight checks on his ship and disconnected from the station, at that he noticed that Tomglomerate had his Scarab, SPQR in an Invincible, and Machinehr in a Zealot. Adept smiled and thought about it. I'd never think I'd ever fight alongside the Overlord himself. Mach appeared on his comm, and spoke to the three of them.

"The Terrans have offered to help us in exchange that we help them. What say you all?"

They all sent their replies of yes at the same time. At that note Adept noticed several Terran Invincibles arrive in Proxima, right outside of their starbase. Dennis' DestructionX, was the more noticeable one. Three others had accompanied them though, and in turn Mach had allowed them to connect into their communication systems to link up with the Slah'ke warriors.

"We are here by orders of the Terran Emperor Greeny." Dennis said that with sense of pride in himself that he was now promoted to captain and ordered to fight in the Emperors personal name. Mach then gave the order to hyper out of the system.

Moments later they had arrived in the Alioth system, right on que, the Nexus were caught off guard by the small counter attack, the Kolari brought mostly bombers and a few Cruisers. Adept smiled thinking that he'd now be able to release his joy on the enemy. The four Slah'ke, and three Terrans moved in a phalanx formation towards the enemy ships. Mach was the first to squeeze off shots, as he uttered a war cry, along with SPQR and Tom. Adept fired his Dual Gamma Cannon, the discharge created a flash, and the weapon created a hole where the Reactor was in one of the Mysterys. Smaller fighters came within range of the Delta cannons, the Union warriors promptly opened up wiping them out before they could do anything about it, then as the Terrans moved up past the Zealots they laid down covering fire on the few remaining mysteries. Adept had roared into the global comm as he fired his Dual gamma and delta cannons at one mystery ripping the ship apart in a violent series of explosions. SPQR fired his super laser at point blank sending the ship into another cruiser, just as the remaining Mystery was shot at by all the Union and Terrans at the same time. Tomglomerate cloaked a few moments later and moved behind the enemy bombers, and as Mach got into range, he fired off his 4 delta cannons, sending the bombers scattering for safety, Tom then uncloaked and unloaded his weapons on the scattered Kolari and Brood.

The Slah'ke uttered primal roars of victory while the crews of the Terran Invincibles cheered for a much needed moral booster. Dennis was quite surprised at the effectiveness of a few Slah'ke. Adept smiled at the new victory. The 3 other Slah'ke all spoke to each other about what they felt while they watched the ships explode, collide and melt into pieces. The Terran Invincibles now knowing that their jobs finished left the system to return to Sol. Tomglomerate, and Machinehr left the system to return to Saurion to make future war plans, whereas SPQR and Adept stayed behind and assessed the damage on one of the planets.

This is what shocked them, as they landed on the planet they noticed that most of the major cities were burned down. Adept, was now tired again. SPQR got angry. The both were shocked at the destruction. It was a war though... Adept kneeled by a surviving child, and told the smaller Slah'ke to go inside Halo. Adept met up with SPQR. He found his friend staring off into a valley of burned down buildings, and craters from the photon bombs. Adept spoke in a low sad tone.

"We tried our best didnít we?"

SPQR nodded slowly. "Yes... we did." They heard the sounds of hyperspace exits in the upper atmosphere. They both looked up to find, Brood Death-Helix's "We should go..." SPQR said with a sudden tone of urgency, as that being said they both ran off into their ships hoping they werenít spotted. The two friends and their Zealots escaped just in time, avoiding the Death-Helix's. SPQR then contacted Adept through the private comm. "I think we should leave." Adept nodded solemnly. Then the strangest thing happened. The Death-Helix's began to blow up as they left at full speed breaking the planets atmosphere. SPQR then spoke answering Adepts question before it was even asked.

"Terran Cloakers... I'm guessing Speed Shot, and S117ís cloaking fleet."

Adept closed his eyes briefly as the two Zealots entered hyper. He went to look for the little Slah'ke he picked up on the planet. He found the kid in his private room in the Zealot, playing with a few old things he kept since he was a kid. Adept smiled and let the kid be. Adept then keyed SPQR's private comm. "Did you find any survivors?" SPQR looked solemn for a moment, t answered his question. "I see... well I found a young child... maybe his parents made it off..." SPQR smiled at the thought of that, it was always good to see children reunited with their families after being separated, and scared.

About ten minutes later they arrived at Saurion, docked and all. Civilian ships came by the dozens to Saurion from the Alioth system. Adept frowned. He turned to the kid who stood in front of the ramp, and as it lowered the kid began to walk off. Apparently his parents were there and untied almost five minutes after leaving Halo. Adept was thanked, and he left them to their own happiness, because he needed to find SPQR again. Several Terrans walked by him. "Terrans are everywhere these days..." he spoke in Slah'ke, Adept then not paying attention walked right into SPQR who also wasnít paying attention to where he was going. They both fell backwards and apologized to each other at the same time in Slah'ke.

"SPQR... what does Machinehr want me to do next? "SPQR inclined his head in a gesture of not knowing yet. He spoke "I need to ask him first Adept, please I know your eager to get back into fighting, but so am I." Adept nodded, and turned to go to his room in Saurion. "And Adept, get some rest. It seems we're going to accompany Machinehr to the Terran capitol." Adept nodded and left to go to get some much needed sleep.

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