Roleplay - Slah'ke: Our War Part 1:
Written by Adeptprophet of the Union.
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Chapter XVII: Hunters in the Dark


The Terrans who rebelled against the government patrolled the hallways. "Musty, I heard that delta squad was killed off by some Lizard elite soldiers..." Musty paused for a moment and spoke "Yes, I heard that too, but I don't think there are any Lizards here especially since the incident with that Adept who died in the blast of Walt’s Self Destruct sequence of his ship." The other Terran nodded and walked off, and then the two others who just stood there and listened walked off. Musty stood in the light thinking about the claims of Lizards being here, but he doubted it, the Terrans had plans to go to war with them anyways. Musty heard breathing but then it stopped Musty swung around to try and spot the origin of the sound, but couldn't tell were it came from. Then moments later Musty was pulled into the dark dieing of a swift death. His blood slowly crept into the light. Adept was grim as he did it, and he slowly moved on to find the others. "Stupid Terrans" he muttered. Adept found another group, five Terrans, he was angered by it. "Inconvenient!" he said. and ran into the light swiftly grabbing one and disappearing into the dark ones more and repeated it until two were left. They both had their flashlights on, the one on the left Kaspar got his leg sliced off and bled to death within moments, then the final one called Prime spotted a statue of a Slah'ke he spoke to himself "odd.." and turned around backing up towards it, when his back hit it, it began to move. But Prime was too late, he screamed out as he was taken to the top of the ceiling. Moments later the body made a splattering noise and it rolled into the light revealing a mangled corpse. Adept silently ran across the Palace searching out search parties slowly killing them off one by one, soon returning to the camp the allies had created to live in, Adept had slowly emerged from the darkness slightly doused in blood of his own and the enemies. Adept eyed the Plexxan he saved from before. He smiled slightly; she was not a coward, very rare in the human species among women.

Adept looked past her, seeing SPQR. "Sir, I have eliminated most of the parties." SPQR nodded, then another bomb shook the complex. The Slah'ke were the first to react, they all bolted away from the Center grabbing what they could, along with people. Adept turned around and growled, seeing Orfine... Womble showed his face grinning like a hungry beast. "Glad to be of service Allies." Adept looked back to SPQR he nodded, and Adept took five Lizards and ran off in the dark, them all emanating a roar that shook the entire building. Womble jumped down to speak to Narses and mentioned it "Those Slah'ke... they're rather loud." SPQR laughed, knowing Womble. "That’s right. We are loud." The rest of the Slah'ke roared in happiness, which made stuff fall off the ceiling.

Adept and the five Slah'ke could be heard from miles away at the movement they were doing, their tails flailing in the air as they ran making them more streamlined, they stormed forward, Adept jumped up as they got to the door, and then the five others jumped up slamming the door open, revealing ten thousand angry Terrans. The five roared in anticipation for victory or Death, Adept landed right on some one and the Universes largest Slah'ke bar fight started.

The End?

Transmission beginning:... Signal receiving... signal caught transmitting now...

"Hello, this is Adept. I’m certain you've been either greatly or slightly entertained by this story., and well I hope you have, however, this is just the beginning of their War, and by far its not over yet... John. Watch your back."

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