Roleplay - Slah'ke: Our War Part 1:
Written by Adeptprophet of the Union.
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Chapter XVI: Chaos among the Hero's


One Year Later...

During the Invasion of Proxima, Walt was brutally murdered by the Terran known as Inferno. The following day, Inferno returned to the Empire as somewhat of a hero, but looked down upon by the Slah'ke. Then the Slah'ke shortly withdrew after John A. Howard ceased fire with the Terran and Plexxan empires. John was now the main man in the Kolari Star Empire.

Narses sat in Utopia, wondering about several things, when a black Zealot exited hyperspace and docked. This was a Zealot he's never seen before, let alone it's been an entire year since they've heard from the Union. A Plexxan named Prophet of Sin stood next to Narses, a bit shocked at the sight of a Zealot, then the letters etched in the ships sides was H A L O. Sins eyes widened he had heard of the Zealot through numerous channels but never saw the thing in person. He's also seen it on the Arena videos that Narses has showed him on what the Slah'ke have been up to for the past year. Sin spoke first "Is that what I think it is?" Narses nodded slowly "Yes, it is." he noticed two Slah'ke walk down into the Hallway, and enter the room where they were occupying. The one on the right, Narses recognized as SPQR requested to see Greeny, however the one on the left was heavily tattooed in several places. Sin looked a bit worried, but then his superior Duckman came from nowhere and noticed the two Lizards. SPQR and... who is this?"

The one Slah'ke stood silent and Duckman got a bit impatient waiting for the Slah'ke to answer, when he spoke, his voice was slightly familiar. "I am... just a body guard, nothing more Plexxan." Narses took note of the voice too, it sounded like Adept, but Adept had died... or thatís what they told him. Narses had taken the group down to the surface, and he told Adept to stay behind for questioning, SPQR said relax in Slah'ke, and Adept had settled down the fire in his eyes gone he calmly followed Narses to where S117 and Speed Shot were, along with Narses' love Phantom. The Terrans offered a seat to him, but he refused. There was a certain... hate for them in his voice.

S117 asked the first question: "What is your name?' The Slah'ke replied with "I have no name." Speed Shot commented "A lizard with no name? How interesting, such a rarity to see one of you without an honorable title." Phantom then mentioned something "These tattoos what are they for?" Adept kept an unmoved face and explained. "These are the symbols of my Elite status among the warrior classes. I am the Overlords body guard you could say, or perhaps just another soldier doing his duty in this world." Reaper, a former pirate noticed Adept and recognized him from the recent run in he had before he went back to Terran. Adept had noticed him, and began to lighten up. Reaper asked. "Well now, how have you been?" The Slah'ke' voice lightened up "I have been well. And I assume the same for yourself Reaper?" a note of care in his voice then Phantom spoke "Why is it you have contempt for us, yet you welcome Reaper with open arms?" He paused for a moment as Inferno entered the room immediately knowing who that was, as Adept noticed who Inferno was. Narses then asked before he could answer Phantoms question "Do you hate the Terrans?" The Slah'ke answered Phantom first, then Narses second. "Lady Phantom, I am very hateful of... brute tactics such as stealing the Unions glory for the head of Walt. As for the Terran Empire, most of its contingents I despise with all my heart." Narses now had a feeling about this Slah'ke "Did you know Adept?" Adept paused for a moment "know him? I am him." Narses spat out the coffee he just took from Inferno. "The Terran Empire helped you out! Why do you hate us?!"

Adept turned and left then said. "Hate you? I don't hate you; I hate the ones who broke away from the Terran Empire. That is why I am here." The cloth on his sides were swept to the side revealing two swords. He let out a roar that shook the room, the door reinforced Steel was busted open, and flew out the door way, and leapt off a wall, rebounding three times before he landed in a run, the Terrans all ran after him with their weapons drawn, chasing after Adept, then a few explosions followed. Narses verbally swore at the explosion. "Adept wasn't kidding... damn our luck!" S117 rolled his eyes, and simply said. "Itís always us...why us." The group of elite fighters where ambushed by thirty Terrans dressed in a blackish armor. They all screamed at the group below telling them that they'll die a fools death. The Leader jumped down and stood above Narses., he opened his mouth, but, instead of words a sword stuck out is mouth. The pink forked tongue of a Slah'ke appeared from behind, and then the angry face, of a very angry lizard screamed deafening. Then a second screamed echoed through the Halls. SPQR dropped down from above landing on another Human literally falling "through him" The Terran elite attacked in a furry of anger that they had been given by this betrayal, as if they didnít have enough problems now. The Last person was pounced on by Adept aggressively as he tore the man apart limb by limb with relative ease. Adept didnít have two swords, just one left, and he ran off into the darkness, you heard screams of Humans calling for help and a shot of blood flew past Phantom landing on SPQR's face.

Then a body flew out of the darkness, clearly the neck broken before it was thrown, they heard another roar of anger, and SPQR flew past them jumping through the air letting out a war cry. Greeny, now armed came from nowhere along with Duckman and urged the Terrans to leave the area. Too late. They were surrounded. Then Greeny heard the distinct clicking of Slah'ke claws on the marble floor. Except, it was a lot of them. And from the dark behind the Rebels a Slah'ke approached from behind. they growled softly, and lunged out at the same time in unison fighting gracefully with the Humans, three Slah'ke died in the process though.

SPQR stood over a dead human, and spoke to Adept whose face was half covered in human blood. "Adept, there is quite a few Humans wanting to kill the Emperor." Adept nodded slowly. SPQR then said "by law we are bound to this fight, you know it. they know it." Adept nodded, SPQR was still his commander. SPQR then spoke again "We will advance on these people. Adept tasted the air. "I say about ten thousand are nearby." SPQR nodded slowly. SPQR then left Adept to deal with the survivors, soon to be dead. The leader of the Slah'ke Elite detachment informed Greeny, and all he could do was nod, separated from the military they had to hold out, then Greeny noticed that none of the Slah'ke were carrying guns, but spears and swords. Greeny than noted there was no way out other than towards the enemy, so they buried themselves within, defending their ground now. Greeny then spoke "Councilmembers were slaughtered before my eyes; Dennis had sacrificed many of his people to get me here." Narses was in disbelief along with everyone else. Here it was always pitch-black, an advantage to these Slah'ke since the laws of gravity seemed to be irrelevant to them here.

Adept quietly entered the light carrying Dennis, and Naravar. Naravar a female was light for Adept to carry. He respected her bravery in the face of these opponents. Adept spoke softly to SPQR "I saved these two from a death. I will search for more kills." SPQR nodded, and Narses tried to stop Adept because he needed all the people here to defend it properly, but Adept was already long gone. Narses was with Phantom but Naravar woke up she looked a bit disorientated, and remembered a Lizard coming from nowhere grabbing her at the last moment. "Oh damnit." SPQR kneeled right next to her and spoke in a soft tone easy to understand and kind. "Do not move, your injuries are severe, and I have fixed them but it will need some time to heal." she nodded. then she spoke "The Slah'ke who saved me who was it?" SPQR paused "Adept." she muttered the name slowly.

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