Roleplay - Slah'ke: Our War Part 1:
Written by Adeptprophet of the Union.
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Preview of Chapter XVI:


Machinehr is now dead, Church the new dictator. Adept has finally matured fully into the full Slah'ke he was meant to be. The Overlords personal soldier, SPQR along with Adept share their sorrow with the Terran Empire they wish to help out. Greeny stands at the sidelines to watch the Union change into a war machine like no other ever seen in history. Walt assaults Proxima, will he be successful and take the home from the Slah'ke? And eliminate Adept, SPQR, Tomglomerate and Church in one blow?

What does the Overlord Ascendancy mean? Are the gods of the Slah'ke truly real? Is Machinehr still with them? Will Adept and SPQR convince Church to help?

John A. Howard now makes his move on the throne of the Kolari. Clever Trevor a shadow of a memory by now. A Kolari named Blue Ghost helps the Terrans out. Will John take over? Inferno plans to make his move on Walt, eliminating the threat to the Terran Empire, will the Terran in disguise succeed in his deed?

Tune in for chapter 16 of Slah'ke: Our War

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