Roleplay - Slah'ke: Our War Part 1:
Written by Adeptprophet of the Union.
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Chapter XIV: Slah'ke: Our War


Narses and Phantom were a bit spooked to see Adept come so fast, but after he was sure the Genus was dead, he left the two Terrans. Machinehr had past them, ignoring them completely, thinking about some things, and a successor. "I think Church will do just fine." Narses tried to get the large Slah'ke's attention when the Hallway wall rose to reveal an Arena., a fairly large one. SPQR came from nowhere to inform the Terrans. "This is the Slah'kai, the Honorary championship for the Overlord, for him to appear before the people, and die fighting his next successor. The main Participants are Tomglomerate, Adept, myself, Machinehr, Church, and several others. These matchers are like the Arena the intergalactic Nations hold. No one dies, except when the fields are turned off. Adept is going up against the Enemies of the Slah'ke to prove himself worthy of a Body Guard for the next Overlord, or perhaps become a warlord. But this is if all goes accordingly. Adept is to go up against several Kolari veterans we have captured for this event, and this one only. The ones known as Nexus fighter, Scouse, and Champ of Life." These were the elite among the Kolari warrior society. Narses flinched at the mention of champ and spoke "Is this once at a time?" SPQR said "Shhhh it's going to begin"

Machinehr sitting in the Slah'ke throne of the War God announced the first battle. "The Elite warrior Adept please enter the arena to face your opponents." The arena grew silent completely the inhibitors turned off, so that if Adept falls, he stays down. Then through the silence, a dinosaur like roar echoed through the arena like a blood thirsty animal, Adept was spotted leaping into the air with nothing but two heavy swords, his landing cracked the dirt around him. Champ of life, Nexus_Fighter, and Scouse came out with their disintegrators, fully equipped. Adept let out his primal roar out again, when Champ took the first shot Adept leapt into motion circling around them at lightning speeds, capable through the Slah'ke leg structure, Nexus Fighter pulled out a strobe laser and tried to take Adept down. All the shots missed. Then Scouse leapt forward to kill Adept. Adept had jumped back barely missing Scouse, he lunched himself stabbing the Kolari in the chest, his twin blades digging into the plating, as animalistic it seemed. Adept bit the Kolari's fake robotic head off, revealing the Kolari's core, and he took one blade out and thrust it into the center of the being, the physical blow was extremely hard and made the arena go dark void of light for a moment, Adept left the sword in the Kolari as he tossed its crumpled body of metal and blackish clouded outline, into Champ. Champ shot Adept in the chest, He stumbled backwards, dropping the other sword, but Adept had quickly gained footing and propelled himself in a circle again.

Nexus fighter, shot off his laser, and struck adept in the thigh, Adept flew back into the floor, on his side, Adept was immobile. Then the two Kolari were standing over Adept with their weapons raised. The Kolari champ's color turned a slight blue in showing of happiness. Then it faded to a fed of rage. Adept felt Nexus' foot on his stomach, as he coughed up blood. Adept smiled, and the crowed witnessed them both fall. SPQR roared with approval, as Machinehr did shortly after followed by the entire stadium, making the two other Terrans a bit unsettled.

A few hours later it came down to Machinehr's duel with Church, the inhibitors off. Now comes the Death of a Hero among all races.

A Terran representative was sitting at his desk in CPU in the system of Algol. Lord of Pollux, known as UED for his initials, unlike all the other Terrans he didn't like his original name so he came up with the initials of his full name. Ukal Eriksson De'kalso. A Preserver told him to leave the station, and he gladly followed its demands considering he was just a representative. The tin cans were always slow on making these kinds of choices, but it seemed a bit odd that it was like this he assumed it was because of CPU itself, being the computer that it was. He sent the message to Greeny that they were in debate over the choice.

In Tau Cyngi at The Vat, Walt had received the message from John that all was going according to plan. Walt then assembled all of his fleets into one big assault force. His destination: Proxima.

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