Roleplay - Slah'ke: Our War Part 1:
Written by Adeptprophet of the Union.
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Chapter XIII: Deception


Back in the system of Sol, there was a struggle heard outside the doors in the Dogs of War. Two Slah'ke had infiltrated the ship along with a full boarding action team to eliminate any opposition against the Warlord Tomglomerate. He stroke, his cloak making a hiss like noise on the floor,, as he walked slowly to the room door where John and the other two were. He spoke in his native tongue. "John...A....Howard.... How nice of you to be here as expected for once." He forced the doors open, the three Kolari shot to their feet, armed to the core, but Tom kept walking forward. Then fourteen Slah'ke warriors in full armor ran into the room without a moments noticed, soon the three there surrounded. John calmly spoke telepathically to Tom and him only. "I have a proposition. We admit defeat, and we will bow down to any demands Machinehr made" Tom already familiar with treachery he sensed the Kolari' deceptive ways, as Machinehr and the rest of the few Elite came blazing into the system already blowing apart several cruisers with relative ease. Tom cursed and gave the signal to return to his Scarab. And delivered the report to Machinehr, as soon as he got into his Scarab. Machinehr's reply was an angry roar, of acceptance and signaled for full retreat from all battle fields, even against Machinehr's personality he did what is right for his people.

The message reached SPQR and Adept in Procyon and they both headed back to their ships, where as Narses spotted the Rift attach to the Union Invincible, and read the transfer of beings back to the SPQR I. Greeny noticed it two, along with several other Terran leaders. Phantom made an inquiry and Adept had answered, broadcasting the demoralizing words throughout the fleet. "Do not bump into affairs that do not concern your race Humans, We Slah'ke are out of this war due to certain circumstances, if you wish to inquiry I suggest you send a representative to Proxima immediately. We are under Machinehr's orders and can no longer assist you in any further struggles. You all are now on your own." The rest of the Slah'ke fleet hypered out of the system very quickly, as the SPQR I left. The following happened:

Narses spoke first "What in the hell is going on?" Phantom was the first to reply: "Narses, it seems that they have had enough of the war, that or... Machinehr was offered something to draw out. Narses shook his head. "No that can't be right. It's too out of character for the Slah'ke to perform such an act of suddenness"

Greeny sighed and but in through the comm. "I know, the both of you we got more work to do incase you haven't noticed, but I am worried about this... awkward news on the withdrawal of the Slah'ke forces." Speed Shot now spoke his opinion "I think this is very out of character. I think that the Kolari or Brood offered them peace, unconditionally where they'd agree to the terms of the Slah'ke, after all they have lost quite a few people among these attacks." they all nodded in agreement. S117 spoke his opinion also "I believe that Machinehr was forced into that position, and he retreated for the betterment of his people. If that Lizard is as he used to be, then he cares more about his people than his opinions. I mean you heard the resentment in that one Slah'ke... Adept was it? In his voice. Clearly Adept thinks it's a wrong but he agrees with the decision for his race. Even thought the current Slah'ke are in fact very violent, They do care for themselves from time to time, and as Speed Shot said, they've lost quite a few people in the last ten years." Everyone agreed with that. Greeny spoke up,. "Narses, Phantom you both are going to Proxima to figure out what in Earths name is going on. Understand?" they replied in unison "Yes Emperor." and left immediately.

The ships returned to Proxima to see that the starbase is in its mobile war station mode, ready to go into Hyperspace. This has only been used once in the Slah'ke history, and that was to bombard Mars during a war. It was terribly ruthless and brutal. But Machinehr had used it to prove his point to the Terran Empire. Adept and SPQR were walking through the Station when they both spotted Narses and Phantom who had arrived in a very short time. Adept remained silent, as did SPQR, and walked past the two Terrans. Narses spoke softly knowing a little about Adept and his legendary temper. "I believe we shouldn't speak to Adept about anything right now, nor should we speak to SPQR. Best we go to Church or Machinehr to speak about this." Phantom raised an eyebrow. "Why? They are as good as any person." She then ran to Adept and mentioned it. Adept said numerous threats, and insults at her in a booming Slah'ke voice, that made him seem about six hundred feet taller, and Phantom equally smaller. She went back to Narses, a bit shocked. "I never knew Adept was that violent." Narses shook his head. "You still don't" she shook her head dismissing the comment, when a Genus came out of nowhere and ambushed the two., Narses pulled out his weapon but it was knocked out of his hands.

Now in theory, Slah'ke are very, very fast runners. However, this has not been proven yet since they lack the finesse of actually running without flinging themselves off of ledges, ceilings or even ship reactors in some cases. But Narses and Phantom where about to find out how fast a very angry Slah'ke can move, and how brutal a angry Lizard such as Adept can be.

The Genus was knocked bout seven feet back as it was back handed by Adept, he flung himself between Narses and Phantom, they both felt the wind that tried to keep up with the angry Lizard. The disorientated Genus reacted a bit slowly to Adepts lunge, but it was too late. the Genus had no armor due to the fact Adept had ripped them off, and much to its dismay, the Genus had not noticed yet, until it tried to grab him., and then noticed it was being beat by its on arms. Adept still enraged flung its arms aside, and showed his claws deep into the Genus's skin where its should is, and flung it into the wall, smashing several metallic pipes. the Genus stumbled but Adept was already there, lifting it off of the ground a loud thump sounded through the space Station as Adept continued to smash the Genus's dead body against the wall.

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