Roleplay - Slah'ke: Our War Part 1:
Written by Adeptprophet of the Union.
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Preview of Chapter XIII:


Adept: Holy crap what are the Kolari up to?!

SPQR I don't know but I hope I never see that dream of the Fairies again!

Adept: that was one time only!

John A. Howard: I like plotting the demise of people.

Adept *staring* seems that way, I still canít believe I was muted for my language in Megrez! .

John, SPQR, The_UED, KAL37, S117: Watch it Adept!

Adept: What'd I do now?!

SPQR: just try to not get muted for that stuff again!

Adept: fine fine, ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Narses: well what I miss here?

everyone else: nothing

Narses: whatís with Adept?

all the moderators: he was talking about the muting of Megrez.

Narses: oh...

Greeny: when am I gonna be back on:

Adeptprophet: donít worry I'll get you back on! thereís a lot of people you know!

Narses: yeah, you say that every time.

Adeptprophet: Anyways, Ill have Chapter 13 up rather soon ok guys, so just be patient, and tune in next time for Slah'ke: Our War!

Oh and P.S. beware of those damn fairies, they give you terrible nightmares .

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