Roleplay - Slah'ke: Our War Part 1:
Written by Adeptprophet of the Union.
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Chapter XII: Lizards on the Loose, Beware of Narses


Duckman was a bit surprised at the randomness of the entire situation, but the two Lizards were there. Then he recognized them as Adept and SPQR. Duckman pulled out a pistol he kept hidden in a prosthetic leg, thanks to the biomechanical enhancements. Adept's muscles tensed up, as he began to rip the bars off of the cell, one by one he tore them from their holdings, then a security shield popped up and knocked him back into the wall with a loud thump, Adept shook his head and recovered from the shock of the throwback. SPQR pulled out a gun, which made this weird noise and threw SPQR back into the wall but the shield overloaded, and shut off. SPQR got up, and shook his head. "It's too powerful, that's what I told Tomglomerate." Adept laughed.

Slah'ke scientists always were looking to lessen the impact of their recoil in the weapons they made, which never turned out pretty, its how the Dual Gamma Cannon came about, to Slah'ke scientists had bet each other on who could make the more powerful weapon, the two Slah'ke came up with the Gamma cannon, both separate, on the weapons test, the shots were devastating to the test hulls of ships they had collected, the two came to the conclusion that they both won, and lost, because they built the same gun. But a student of one of the scientists, known as Church suggested that they utilize the two weapons into two of them, making the Dual Gamma Cannon. The same two made this shield. Except they blew up a wall in the process of testing this weapon, anyways, back to our Lizards.

SPQR drew his Ka'Mak and ran silently with great speed as did Adept, he tasted the air with his forked tongue, and didn't find anything except for the Kolari fumes that the Kolari burned, they found two of them, SPQR jumped up as did Adept to avoid them whereas Duckman moved into a maintenance passage hiding from the two Kolari, SPQR crawled across the ceiling of the room, and Adept clawed the sides, positioning himself so he could lunge at the Nexus. SPQR gave the signal and Adept leapt knocking the one down to the floor Adept still on top of the Kolari sliding across the room, and SPQR dropped down striking it with his Ka'Mak. Duckman noticed a Kolari security officer rushing to the site of the attack, and he stepped out discharging his weapon four times into where the light of the being emulated, the body froze, and it began to creak, the light started to penetrate openings where the shots went out, its armor expanded, and then the body flashed, exploding. A few moments later all that remained was the metallic body with a black aura around it.

Adept slashed at the face of the Kolari, repeatedly, but the Kolari regained its focus and tossed the Lizard across the reactor room, Adept rebounded off of the wall, by jumping off of it flinging him at a high speed, where Adepts feet had touched the ground, he was immediately in a run again and drove onto the Kolari.

While SPQR was in a sword fight with the other, who had her chain sword out, and swung out at SPQR but the swing was blocked by SPQR, they went at it, blocking, and striking, till SPQR pulled out a bolt pistol and shot the Kolari in the leg, it stumbled as SPQR decapitated the being of energy, and slashed the ball of energy that remained there. The ball of light flashed and faded, blinding SPQR for a moment, and the same black aura surrounded it.

Adept was on top of the Kolari grabbing at its 'face' he was again tossed aside, but Adept used his tail to swipe the Kolari off of its, feet. Adept then grabbed it by its arm and tossed it into the wall, before the Kolari could recover from the disorientation Adept had used some type of switch to cut its arm off. It stumbled as Adept ripped its 'face' apart in a violent manner. This energy inside, escaped, returning to Deneb.

Meanwhile the TES Berlin, Narses flagship fired off its Super Heavy Laser, followed by a yellow shot from its Distortion cannon at a Mystery Cruiser, as Dennis took out a Rift that was harassing them, in that moment the Kolari started to falter from the incoming shots from both of the Slah'ke and joint Terran-Plexxan fleets. Narses noticed something with the SPQR I and how it was latched onto a rift. "Chain jacking huh? These Lizards are very sly." Narses directed two support cruisers to harass the Kolari prisms harassing the other Battle Cruisers. Taveius with his Galactica fired off his weapons at several Kolari Cruisers, Narses reinforced that position by sending an attachment of Dominators, to support Taveius' group. The Rift the SPQR I was attached to changed to Union, and the SPQR I detached and moved away. The Rift was barely working as it slammed into a Battle Cruiser, and fired off its weapons, the crash broke the shields, and the shots made a hole for the Lizards to get on, a Warbearer transports front opened and fired two rapid firing Delta cannons making holes, as the ship latched onto the Kolari cruiser delivering Slah'ke troops to the fight.

S117, and Speed Shot turned to fire on a couple of mysteries, when a swarm of photons appeared catching their attention. Phantom's ships engaged the separated Kolari ships; the battle was turning to their favor. The Terran council though retired military showed up behind the Kolari ships in their Invincibles they began to wear the back line down.

In Sol, John A. Howard was done reviewing the Terran losses for the fight for Mars, the damned planet was still under fire. All he could do was sit in his Invincible, Dogs of War and watch this stupid battle. he projected his thoughts to a lesser Kolari, Cowlil. "Why don't they give up like they have in the past?" Cowlil didn't know how to respond but then it hit him "Perhaps, my Duke, it is the Slah'ke? An example like, the Slah'ke they won't fight for planets where as the Terrans do, as do the Federation. The Slah'ke prove themselves through war, perhaps the Terrans are somewhat the same, just less prone to... violent conflicts such as this one Duke." John thought for a moment. "Perhaps, but the Federation has a faint sense of honor, they don't just go to war for the fun of it as the Slah'ke do, Terrans and Plexxans are more prone to... revenge rather then declaring war just to fight. I have spent considerable time along some of the Plexxan people, they are proud, but rely heavily on moral, so perhaps you are correct on the Slah'ke influencing a strong moral through their deeds in combat, but I find it highly unlikely." Cowlil was about to respond when a message came in from the fleet in Procyon. John's robotic shoulders slumped. As he told his assistant. "Marc7005 is dead." Cowlil, like al Kolari only felt sad for shortly amounts of time. John then projected his thoughts to Cowlil "Perhaps the involvement of the Slah'ke could be removed if we declare submission to them, manipulating them to stop fighting and weaken the Terran and Plexxan resolves? We did it to the Terrans and Plexxans once, I could concoct a method of this for a third time to remove these... fanatics from... the bigger picture." Johns glow went to a cool blue as a sign from satisfaction.

Cowlil didn't know what to say but he couldn't agree more, and projected his thoughts on the suggestion to John " I cannot disagree with this proposal you have spoken of, it seems plausible that the Fighting lizards will and might recede if we offer them systems they have lost in the past, perhaps not, perhaps the violent ways of the Slah'ke will still obscure their judgment." John nodded, still the blue remained, John then responded. "It sounds plausible that it might work, perhaps it might, and I might even conclude that Trevor will agree to this proposal since he has been very sympathetic to them of late, including the Slah'ke civilians. Perhaps they have seen enough of us and are sick of this war." Trevor then showed up randomly at the bridge of the ship. Trevor looked like John but he had a dark cape, signifying he is a Baron. John greeted Trevor. "I think you might have heard of the proposal Baron Trevor." Trevor nodded. John then inquired "What do you think of it?" Trevor took his time before he responded. "What you say of the Slah'ke is true, and I agree to the proposal however, considering the betraying like history our faction has committed to them over the years it would make them suspicious of our...wants."

The other two Kolari nodded in agreement.

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