Roleplay - Slah'ke: Our War Part 1:
Written by Adeptprophet of the Union.
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Chapter XI: Death of a Plexxan Spirit


The Inquisition fleets hyperspace signature distorted how the rest of the system looked, as the Zealots all painted in white, symbolizing death entered the system. Adept noticed a few nearby planets, he noticed that there was a Brood fleet gathering there, a group of the living insidious bombers, along with the rest of their pulsating ships where gathered in a circle around some kind of ship convoy. The Zealots had entered orbit of the closest planet and targeted the Planet itself not any buildings, and they rained death on the poor planet below, overloading the first three shields in mere moments, then with each shot, glowing green from the atmosphere they dispersed in bubble like explosions of white and blue, draining the Shields. When the Terrans entered the system along with the Feds, they noticed that the Slah’ke were already at it, destroying the first planet they saw. Duckman and StarRaider now fully healed from the brood incursion. Narses sent a message to all of the Human ships along with the Longsword that entered as Speed Shot’s Invincible entered at the same time, two of the most fearsome Invincibles ever to come into existence by the Terran Empire through heavy weapon and armor configuration. Narses sent another message telling them to form a Phalanx. “Alright guys, S117, Speed Shot, we need to take out the Brood fleet in the center of the System.” PhantomGODess and Dennis obeyed and began to spear head the Human fleet. The Union as this occurred, several ships different from the rest colors broke away from the Inquisition that the Zealots and Union transports began. These were different colors along with the distinct Invincible with the colors emerald, and blood red with fully visible heavy Dual Gamma Cannons, where as an uncloaked scarab painted a grey tone with red scratches, a form of war paint on it. Then the Blood red with white streaks for the three winged MechWarrior belonging to Machinehr, as the Crossblade stayed, but another Zealot broke away, pitch black, with red slits on the wings, its most distinct feature was a massive Dual Gamma Cannon on the front of it, along with the larger Distortion Cannons on the sides. Narses made a pointer that this was probably Halo Taveius spoke of.

Adept narrowed his eyes at the sight of actual brood targets, and spoke in his deep voice. "Overlord, is this what we want to eradicate?" Machinehr sent him a yes message through signals informing him he wanted radio silence. The Elite few nodded in tandem not knowing that they did. Adept used his tail to press a magnification on the brood fleet, a starbase...

Narses noticed it too, a bit to late though the Fleet of the Humans took heavy losses in the beginning but when the Union came to, they were getting less flak because it seemed the brood were more worried by their heavy hitters than the Terrans.

Narses re-arranged the fleet into practically a blob so that they were spread out all over the place to lessen collisions from dead ships as they approached the starbase, it moved, in circle, and fired at a specific Federation official: Duckman. His ship had no chance, Machinehr saw this and fired his many Distortion Cannons into the massive ball of flesh and it began to turn, Narses ordered the fleet to fire. As SPQR fired into the ball of ripping flesh, then Tomglomerate attached his ship to a Insidious, running inside slashing the crew apart he ran to the controls and began to use it against the starbase, but the thing practically had a mind of its own determining which Zealot to shoot at, MechWarrior, the Mass fired his biospray and missed, barely, the projectile flew right into a D-H, Machinehr, still stayed and fought with the thing, where as Adept, with his new Dual Gamma Cannon fired once, right into the weapon of the ugly mass, the shot of energy detonated in the weapon its eerie glow flew out of the weapon creating a strange effect on the Bases skin, it began to bubble. Narses then thought for a moment "Phantom, don't the Union ships use radiation?" She replied in a smart tone "Yes, as a matter of fact they do... its not surprising the Unions weapons are effective against the Brood, SPQR fired his Dual Gamma Cannons, and got in range to use his Distortion Cannons and fired them all at the same time , the radiation shots smacked into the skin ripping through it like paper, it shuddered erratically, as if feeling the pain and brought its remaining PD defenses to bear, and fired at the Zealots firing on it, the shots reflected off the shields... like it was a laser hitting a mirror. Adept fired the Dual Gamma Cannon again, ripping a exit wound through the starbase... He noticed... blood... what do these Genus use for buildings?! SPQR spat in disgust "These abominations know absolutely no bounds for their treachery?!" Machinehr agreed quite frankly "I agree SPQR, how is the Fleet doing at clearing planets?" Adept looked at the reports "Overlord they are finishing the last one. Do you want us to release the Tashak'Ma pilots?" Machinehr nodded, they needed blood to sate their taste.

The Terran fleet had close proximity and collision warnings everywhere as the Tashak'Ma fighters screamed merely inches away from the hulls, Prmens freaked out as he saw the Union fighters fly so close together, and they began to swarm the starbase. The Terrans and the Plexxans engaged the Kolari fleet that Marc jumped in with. Greeny spat with disgust "Marc, you treacherous fiend!" Marcs color changed on the screen to a smile and telepathically broadcasted his thoughts "Miss me Emperor?" Greeny ordered that marc be taken dead or alive. He wanted the light bulbs head, no matter the cost.

Narses let out a audible sigh that activated the microphone he had on connecting to the comm-net.

Quite to his embarrassment, the Emperor thought he had said something, moments later, the unthinkable happened. Reports from Slah'ke, Fed, and Terrans swarmed in saying that StarRaider took out Marc, as did Marc kill StarRaider. Prmens was in shock, two federation hero’s...lost. Naravar roared in anguish, he slumped collapsing onto the floor of the FF God Of War. Prmens ran over to help him. "That didn't happen, did it?". Narses screamed into the headset. "What do you mean StarRaider is dead?!" Panic swept through the Federation ranks, and a sergeant, Naravar straightened things up soon enough, Naravar, a no-one, set things straight. Even he couldn't believe it but it would be a dishonorable act to falter at such a moment. Prmens shouted into the Fed comm.: "All Federation units, protect StarRaiders remains! Slaughter the Kolari!"

Unfortunately Adept shook his head slowly. "Machinehr... orders?" there was a pause.

"Adept, SPQR stay and deal with the Kolari, while we take the fleet to Sol and retake any lost Terran possessions, Board SPQR's ship and send Halo home on autopilot. Adept did as he was told. And he walked into the bridge of the SPQR I.

"Adept my old friend we get to do a chain boarding... and avenge a Plexxan hero." Adept smiled widely, as SPQR ordered a nearby Slah'ke to take over his ship. "I am Adept... you are?" The warrior was reluctant to actually have a Elite Warrior speak to him "I am Captain Britian. I thank you for speaking to me, it is an honor." Adept smiled and got his claws out, ready for the slicing, as SPQR got his sword out, it was rather large compared to most but it did the job.

Duckman was reluctant enough to get captured by a Kolari Rift. Unfortunately it was under fire by some Union Invincible, and later two Slah'ke materialized in his cell. "Excuse me Slah'ke... are you here to help me out?" they both looked down and backed away as if surprised...which they were. SPQR smiled a tooth smile and nodded. "Now we are President Duckman."

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