Roleplay - Slah'ke: Our War Part 1:
Written by Adeptprophet of the Union.
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Chapter I: Last Battle for Megrez: Adepts Anger


Adept stood there in his ship The Clan, a faster version of the Zealot cruisers he favored. You could barely see the slits in his eyes as the man sized lizard tiresomely operated the ship; he was fighting for countless hours now, hoping, just hoping that reinforcements would arrive. But no one did... and now he was face to face with the Kolari scum, and godless brood, and disgusting Hive. Most of all John A. Howard, his tail whacked the deck out of rage, and he let out a primal roar over the comm to the other ships. John spoke in the high-pitched voice the Kolari had.

John calmly said "Give it up your going to loose."

Adept widened his eyes, filled with rage, as he roared his reply, shouting obscenities in the Slah'ke tongue.

"Come over here and fight me Kolari scum!"

Everyone was perfectly inclined to reply and charged the station he was protecting, which the Slah'ke have worked so hard to keep in this war.

Adept swore as he took heavy hits but refused to hyper out. And fought vigorously competing with the starbase for kills.

Ships multiplied like maggots in a garbage can but the Slah'ke still staid, trying to prove himself.

He had half a Zealot, and his engines were cut down when the fighting ceased, and it was a stand still.

Adept let out a sigh, of a victor...only a small one though, he was only delaying the inevitable. But be damned if he ever gave up!

He shouted insults at the Kolari John.

In the end the Union lost Megrez, Adept was going to go off and defend it more, when Machinehr gave the order to promptly ignore what went on in the system.Adept sighed. Knowing that he could not ignore the order from Machinehr, not that he'd fear the consequences but because Adept trusted Machinehr a lot for his wise judgments about fights.

Adept sat in his ship The Clan, observing the outside from the multiple view screens.He spoke slowly to himself in Slah'ke.

"Damnit... I hate it know it, but I think we're going to lose this war..."

Adept slammed his fist down onto something nearby denting it, and from the pain he screamed in rage.

Adept was tired... everyone was.

As Adept arrived in Saurion, he noticed a few ships arriving heavily damaged. A few moments later he heard the loud clamping system of the docking clamps latch onto his ship, and he strode to the loading ramp and got off, walking to report to SPQR.

He spoke softly in Slah'ke. "SPQR I have been told we are pulling out? How come?"SPQR looked at him with his dark red eyes, showing the seriousness of the matter. Even though they were friends they still needed to maintain a bearing of command. Adept spoke again. "It's that bad?"

SPQR replied this time, in a soft tone, the voice to any others not used to it, would be a bit frightened. "Well, we can't hold out in Megrez anymore. As you know especially from the last incursion, we were only making them pay for what war they've started."

Adept nodded, his tail, curled around the area he was standing, Adept had quite a long tail compared to most other Slah'ke.

He turned and left SPQR so that He Church and Tomglomerate could speak to Machinehr about what to do next, since Megrez was lost. Fortunately Adept covered most of the evacuation ships as they hypered out from the Brood bombers.

Adept watched the star maps for Kolari movement to single out them so he can hunt them down and make them pay for this defeat. Adept felt he needed to do something about it...

Machinehr, Church, SPQR and Tomglomerate met up in a large auditorium, which used to be for the different leaders of the systems, now it's just those skilled warriors who use it.

Churchill a tall, Slah'ke with blue eyes, spoke in a serious tone.

"Losing Megrez was entirely inevitable for the time being. Now we must focus on our current systems that we still possess, such as Adhara, Canopus, our home system, Alioth, Eltanin, and Mizar."

Machinehr nodded. Along with the other Slah'ke Leaders. Machinehr, who was a very large Slah'ke, stronger than most.

"That remains to be seen. However, we do not have very much in the field of building anymore church. Our fleets are gone."

Tomglomerate frowned, he was a bit smaller than Machinehr, but his eyes were a dark blood red. He was an excellent marksman when it came to ship combat.

"That is very true Machinehr... we are extremely low on builders. But we must turn to our warriors. SPQR you know a few very capable warriors if I am not mistaken."

SPQR smiled, that was rarely seen in front of officials. "I know a few, especially the one who came back as ordered by you personally Machinehr."

Machinehr thought for a moment.

"You mean Adept?" apparently Mach hasn't heard the reports in from the Megrez system. SPQR nodded.

"He and a few others fought off a multi race attack force so that the civilians could evacuate the planets and make it safely here."

Mach smiled. "Ahhh... I see... hmm. SPQR what exactly are you suggesting?"

SPQR took a stance of bearing and a bit of mockery to the Terran politicians when they spoke in public.

"I think Adept might have a few ideas for counter attacks upon these filthy animals who slaughtered our people in Megrez."

Mach called in a lone warrior, your average Slah'ke.

"Go and find Adept, and bring him here."

The Slah'ke ran off, to find him. Moments later Adept had returned, he was still tired it was visible by his walk, and the way his eyes looked. He was a soldier exhausted to the breaking point.

"Overlord, you wanted me?"

The high council and Machinehr smiled and SPQR ask the question.

"How would you like to make a counter attack on the filth that killed our civilians?"

Adept suddenly woke up and was back to full alert.

"I would be honored to fight once more in your name!"

Adept than laid down the plans.

"I think here in Alioth, which is were I'm guessing the Kolari will strike next, so I suggest we make fake reports and flow them through our general data streams, so the filthy spies can catch the information and relay it to the Faction leaders."

SPQR smiled, and spoke once more. "Machinehr, Tomglomerate, Church. I will be fighting along side Adept."

Mach slammed his tail down onto the floor making a cracking noise that echoed through the immense room.

"Now, now... I want to go and get my own piece of revenge.".

Tom spoke in his laid back tone. "I'll go too." .

Mach looked at Church, who looked a bit worried about Machs welfare in battle. .

Machinehr noticed that Church had become more and more worried about the members of the council especially Machinehr.

Machinehr then spoke to Church.

"Don't worry my good old friend. I'll return."

SPQR nodded, he felt the same way... no one knew what would happen or if they could recover if Mach was lost in battle.

"Yes... don't worry, I'll make sure Adept brings him back alive."

Adept, with his dark red eyes nodded, and Adept made off to ready his warship, Halo. When Adept got there, he was looking at the scars this ship had from the many arena battles he's been in, he never repainted it, only to show everyone that Halo is a battle tested ship, and will never die. Halo wasn't any ordinary Zealot either, it had advanced Delta Cannons and the most powerful Dual Gamma Cannon around, other than the deadly weapons it was like an ordinary Zealot.

Adept spoke to himself unaware that Terrans were walking by going to meet with Machinehr. Taveius the former Emperor was there, he looked at Halo for a moment and in his expertise he spotted the heavy fire power. And he spoke in his hardened voice to Adept.

"That Zealot... looks like a very heavy hitter."

Adept smiled and turned to face the former Emperor of the Terran Empire.

"It is, this Zealot is called Halo... It has the strongest Dual Gamma Cannon in the Union."

Taveius nodded noticing that large oversized cannon on it. Adept tilted his head at an angle in curiosity in why Taveius would be here.

"If you don't mind my asking... Human, what brings you to Saurion?"

Tavieus chuckled.

"Why the war does Slah'ke Warrior."

Adept pondered, I wonder why they would come here... for the war?

Taveius then left Adept to tend to his ship. Adept then proceeded to get into his Zealot and ran pre-checks on his systems before he took off.


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