Moderator's, What are they?
A Moderator or "Mod's" as they are known were at one time normal players but have been selected by the Admins to Moderate the game and keep the players in order. They have been chosen for whatever reason; perhaps they are very sympathetic and understanding so they can help people, or it could be that they are very firm and good at enforcing the rules. Whatever the reason they are chosen you should think twice before you misbehave around a moderator or you could find yourself with a "Mute" or a "Silence". If a Moderator needs to they can revoke your silence or mute:

A word of advice to anyone who thinks they can tell a Moderator how to do their job, DON'T!
Telling a Moderator how to do their job will earn you a one way ticket to muteville. Telling other players what they have said in OOC is ingame or is against the rules (unless there is no Moderator logged on) is counted as "Backseat Moding" and can you muted as well as they person who broke the rules.

Enforcing the chat system is not the only job the Moderators have. They also have to inspect and clean the forums of the game to free up space and to make sure no comments which can be considered offensive are allowed to be posted.

If you ever need some help with the game a Moderator will be more than happy to help you although at the Help Site we do try to provide as much information as possible to make other peoples jobs easier.