The Admins:

Witchfinder: Programmer, Artist & Content and Mechanics Designer

Witchfinder can be a very hard admin to find. He hides himself from the players list and very rarely speaks in OOC. Witchfinder is online a lot more than people think but he is usually coding so he is busy hence why he does not show his online status.

A quote from Witchfinder: ~~Pending~~

Funny Comments:

Witchfinder (OOC)
Anyone managed to blow up a base yet?
Napster (OOC)

yep jala command went bang
Kaspar (OOC)
Sasuke (OOC)
Cold Fire (OOC)
Witchfinder (OOC)
I thought that was just bad parking?


Funny Events:




Bob Dylan: Content and Mechanics Designer

 Bob Dylan is the more commonly seen admin on Interstellar War. He does not hide his online status unlike Witchfinder and talks a lot more so is usually more easy to find. He is famous for his random NPC invasions and going into the arena in his rank 5's.

A quote from Bob: "he not busy being born is busy dying"

Funny Comments:

Bob Dylan - {Admins R Us} - (OOC)
*Santa Clause was destroyed by your Singularity Array on Catu*


Funny Events: The time Bob broke the arena




Mr Tea: Game Concept & Original Programmer

Mr Tea was the favourite of the admins back in the old days. He has since quit due to his personal/family life and his work. He was a beloved admin and is remembered by all for his NPC invasions, giving out genesis's and his general good nature/humour.

Every now and then there is talk of him returning to the game but to this day he has not been seen online by any players. Some believe he has a secret player account and still exists amongst the playerbase.


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